Tri, Tri and Tri Again

It is one of the many things in which Australia leads the world, the tri-drive. Our remote areas, and their public roads have a large population of tri-drive prime movers, in world terms. Here is the latest first to hit the road, this time in the Pilbara. Fusion Contracting is now running this  214 tonne GCM rated Scania with twin steer and tri-drive pulling a quad axle super quad carting Iron Ore. With a payload of 150 tonnes being delivered to the Port Hedland, Utah Point facilities. Read more

No More Smoke and Mirrors

Truck launches have traditionally required loud rock music, along plenty of smoke machines and bright lights. Times are changing! This video  was made at the recent launch of the new F Series medium duty models from Isuzu. Apparently, the new thing is a high tech projection, with a completely white truck and background used along with an innovative design. One of the most eye-catching parts of the show is the way the truck receives a virtual paint job, appearing in a number of customer colour schemes. Read more

Back in Time

Nothing here but pure nostalgia. This B-Model Mack is still running interstate and is shown in this beautifully realised video traveling through the Bendigo area. The truck dates from 1963 and is owned by Glenn Reedman, running a load from South West Victoria across to Ballina on the NSW Far North Coast. The Mack is now fitted with a Maxidyne 237 driving through a Quadbox. Originally owned by Norgate Transport in Townsville, the truck also features the wonderful double sleeper, or more correctly, a double swag rolled out on a rack slung under the trailer. Read more

In Love With V8s

What is it about the V8 and the Aussie trucking industry? There is something about the sound of a hard working V8 heading onto the highway, which makes any trucking enthusiast grab the camera and record the truck passing by. This video shows the love of one driver for his ageing, but in excellent condition, K100 fitted with a Caterpillar 3408 V8 engine. Read more

Controlling the convertible

Even big boys like to play with trucks, but when the model is down to this scale (1:87)  it’s impossible to stay in lane, avoid hitting cars. However, here’s the same truck in reality and it seems a lot easier to control! Read more

Innovative online training and induction system

Sunchip, one of Queensland’s largest wood chipping and transport companies has introduced an innovative online system for inducting and training drivers. Designed to deliver up-to-the-minute safety information directly to every driver’s smartphone, the system means that Sunchip no longer has to get its drivers together in one place for ‘toolbox’ training sessions. Read more

Mid America, trucks on show

The Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky took place last week and, as usual, had plenty of bling as well as new product on display. Reports from the show floor tell us there is optimism in the air among the trucking folk who attended. It would seem the industry over there is finally getting out of its post-2007 slump.

Here’s a beauty on its way to the Show and Shine at the MATS venue. It’s a 1980 Kenworth fitted with a Caterpillar 3408 V8, looking good!

Read more

Brand loyalty

Truck brands inspire a peculiar loyalty among those which work with them. Many truckies have a favourite brand and model, if asked. Some of those involved in designing and building them also feel the same way. Here is one of the Mack enthusiasts involved in the development on the Mack Titan talking with love for the bulldog brand.


Mack seems to be one of those brands which engenders the most affection. Historically, the B models were an integral part of the explosion in the trucking industry from the late fifties through to the early seventies. Many of the iconic trucking companies we know today started out with those early Mack trucks. The Mack was also the go to truck for road trains as they developed and grew in our remote areas.


One of the modern enthusiasts for the Mack brand is HHA’s Jon Kelly, although his fleet does include a lot of Kenworths. Here is the latest version of the Titan at work in Western Australia:


Work begins on new dealership

In the Adelaide suburb of Wingfield, a major new dealership is now under construction on a 4.3 hectare site which will eventually contain a 6,600 square metre covered facility. South Central Trucks’ new project will be the home for Volvo, Mack and UD Trucks in South Australia and is expected to employ over 130 staff.

South Central Trucks is part of the CMV Group. The new dealership amalgamates the existing South Central Trucks Mack and UD, and South Central Trucks Volvo dealerships, both located at Gepps Cross. Read more

Global rebranding for Mack

The new logo and new look and feel for the brand identity of Mack Trucks has been unveiled at the ConExpo in Las Vegas. Gone is the tough trucks image which has served the Mack brand for so long and in comes a more nuanced approach. Yes, they are still working trucks and all of the people in the ads are blue collar but the old ‘built like a Mack Truck’ language has gone. This new branding is clearly Australia-bound, evidenced by the presence on the stage at the launch of Dean Bestwick, Mack Australia’s brand champion.

Screenshot 2014-03-05 21.16.26

The logo doesn’t take the image too far away from its current look. It now consists of the Mack lettering on the bonnet of the trucks along with a side-on view of the Bulldog statuette which takes pride of place at the top of the grille.


The new catchphrase ‘Born Ready’ features in the YouTube video released to coincide with the unveiling in the US: