a new truck building system

A New Truck Building System

Mack’s Anthem is not just a new cabin design; this is a new truck building system with all of the latest technology integrated into the truck build. It is this new system, which will not only be appearing in the new Anthem model but will also be the standard operating system and and interior design on the Mack trucks further up the range, i.e. the Trident and the Superliner. Read more

Anthem has finally arrived in Australia

Anthem Has Finally Arrived in Australia

It has been sometime coming but the new truck system, sold under the banner of the Anthem has finally arrived in Australia. PowerTorque was the first media outlet to take the new Anthem model out for a drive.

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the rational Anthem

The Rational Anthem

The latest release from Mack Trucks gives trucking operators access to all of the latest technology, but in a package which hits all of the right notes for the traditional Mack truck owner, it’s the rational Anthem.  Read more

bulldog to the bone

Bulldog to the Bone

Asked about his penchant for Mack trucks, Steven Thurston, who, with his wife Kate operates Thurston’s Transport says the B-Model that his father bought second-hand in 1970, and that he has recently restored back to its original glory, probably had a fair bit to do with him being bulldog to the bone.  Read more

highly anticipated Anthem arrival

Highly Anticipated Anthem Arrival

Well, it has finally happened for Mack in Australia, this week has seen the highly anticipated Anthem arrival with a virtual launch online. The YouTube introduction gave us the basics with, more information, and test drives, scheduled to roll out into the future. Read more

Mack MD Series due for US production

Mack MD Series Due For US Production 

It was in July 2020 with the all-new medium duty Mack MD Series due for US production, that the pandemic pushed the whole process back many weeks. In a virtual press conference Mack announced the production start-up of the medium duty MD, its first medium duty truck since the end of production of the Mack Freedom in 2002.  Read more

getting really serious about fuel cell trucks

Getting Really Serious About Fuel Cell Trucks

An announcement from Volvo Group and Daimler Truck sees two of the biggest truck makers in the world joining forces and getting really serious about fuel cell trucks. The two global giants are forming a joint venture for large-scale production of fuel cells with the aim of having heavy duty fuel cell trucks on the road in just over five years time.

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close up view of the new Mack

Close up view of the new Mack

At the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year many people got their first chance to get a close up view of the new Mack Anthem. However, the display was just the truck’s cabin and it was split open in order for show goers to walk through between the driver’s seat and the sleeper cab. Read more

where the Bulldog Brand is heading

Where the Bulldog Brand is Heading

Diesel News has been hearing from Mack Trucks Australia Vice-President, the effervescent Dean Bestwick on where the Bulldog Brand is heading in the future. A bulldog boy to the bone, Bestwick started by articulating what a joy and privilege it is for him to be working with the brand as it celebrates its centenary this year. Read more

flexibility in the fleet

Flexibility in the Fleet 

According to Steve Davidge and his wife Sam, who run a small operation from a modest yard on the edge of Temora NSW, it’s important to keep flexibility in the fleet. Typical of transport businesses in the area, their operation serves the agricultural industry with sets of tippers geared to handle the cyclical changes of location and product as the seasons change. Read more

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