the gold bulldog on the bonnet

The Gold Bulldog on the Bonnet

This truck on test is set up exactly as a Mack enthusiast would want it, with the gold bulldog on the bonnet (in this instance, replaced with a black dog to go with the paint job) and this denotes the full Mack proprietary driveline. 
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looking for the high power option

Looking for the High Power Option

The Mack Superliner has become a popular model in the conventional heavy prime mover market, finding favour with operators looking for the high power option of the 685hp MP10, driving through the M-Drive AMT. The model combines the stability advantages of a traditional conventional with a state-of-the-art transmission capable of handling the heavy stuff.
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the iconic Mack Superliner

The Iconic Mack Superliner

There are two parts of the Anthem system which have been introduced with the latest iteration of the iconic Mack Superliner. One is the 36inch sleeper and the other is the electronic architecture in the truck and resulting change evident on the dash board and truck interior.
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more sophisticated electronic architecture in the Anthem

More Sophisticated Electronic Architecture in the Anthem

This road test of the latest Superliner from Mack looks at the more sophisticated electronic architecture in the Anthem, which comes as part of the package. There is not just the new Mack Anthem model itself, but it is also modernising the rest of the Mack offering in Australia.
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‘Mack in Black’ on a road test

‘Mack in Black’ on a Road Test

The latest Mack range includes the enhanced Superliner, and PowerTorque takes the ‘Mack in Black’ on a road test in the Western Queensland outback. The new latest design is utilising the more advanced Anthem electronic architecture and is also offered with a sleeper cab developed from the Anthem cabin design system.
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Mack in black

Mack in Black

Spotted last week by PowerTorque on its way to the Mount Isa Rodeo was this Mack in black, which is part of a sponsorship deal between the truck maker and Driza-bone. This week PowerTorque got the opportunity to test drive the stunning truck in stunning Western Queensland to see how the truck performs in its natural environment.
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