Milestone Delivery for Rocky’s Own

The latest truck delivered to Rockhampton-based Rocky’s Own Transport makes it 5,000. The Kenworth T 409 was handed over to the Central Queensland transport operator, fitted with the 5,000th Cummins ISXe5 sold in the South Pacific.

“The ISXe5 represents Cummins’ most successful ever introduction of a new heavy-duty truck engine in the South Pacific,” said Mike Fowler, Director of Automotive Business for Cummins South Pacific. “This is due in large part to the extensive field testing of the ISXe5 in Australia before its release. We began testing 15 engines early in 2012 in single trailer, B-double and road train applications, clocking up millions of kilometres before the release in 2013.”
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In Love With V8s

What is it about the V8 and the Aussie trucking industry? There is something about the sound of a hard working V8 heading onto the highway, which makes any trucking enthusiast grab the camera and record the truck passing by. This video shows the love of one driver for his ageing, but in excellent condition, K100 fitted with a Caterpillar 3408 V8 engine. Read more

Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

New Kenworth starter technology

At the Mid America Truck show, which starts this week, Kenworth have announced a new technology starter system for production trucks. The US truck makers will now offer the Maxwell Technologies ultra-capacitor-based Engine Start Module (ESM) as a factory-installed option on new Kenworth T680 and T880 trucks in the US market. Read more

February numbers pick up

The latest truck sales figures do not reinforce the pessimism of those earlier in the year. The Truck Industry Council has released the latest truck sales figures for February and appear to show confidence recovering in the trucking industry. The numbers of trucks sold in February are not going to break any records, but they do show a return to average sales in all market segments. Read more

Aussie icon in Europe

Here’s a truck nut in the Czech Republic who has decided to copy an Australian iconic fleet, Nolans from Gatton in Queensland. He has recreated an AB triple and pulls it with a ridiculously long wheelbase Kenworth prime mover with a US style sleeper cab. Of course, he manages to get it a bit wrong, the B-double set at the rear is running on tandems and there are no refrigeration units on the trailers.


The fact such a video exists demonstrates just how powerful the image of the Aussie truck and truckie are in the global consciousness. There is something exciting and romantic to the rest of the world about the way we do road transport in Australia. If further proof were needed we only need to look at the success of TV shows like Outback Truckers and Megatruckers which have both been sold overseas.


The world of truck models is a mystery to most people and, surely, will remain so. However, this guy is clearly a fan. There is a link on his website to the Nolans website.


Surprisingly, an extensive search reveals no other Nolans Interstate Transport trucks appear on YouTube, apart from this Czech model. This a clear oversight, so Diesel News is calling on video enthusiasts out there to film a real Nolans truck and post it up.


As there are no Nolans trucks on YouTube, we will have to settle for video of the Nolan Transport trucks from Ireland:

Man Seeking a Truck

Rod hits a million

Trucking industry campaigner Rod Hannifey has hit a major milestone this week with his Truckright Industry Vehicle. The heavily sign written B-Double truck and trailer set smashed the 1 million km mark earlier this week, hauling freight from Dubbo to Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond.


Rod Hannifey with his Narva Equipped Truck&Trailer copy


The Truckright Industry Vehicle provides an important service, promoting the positive aspects of the road transport industry. The truck operates as a full time working truck, as part of the Rod Pilon Transport fleet out of Dubbo as well as attending industry events around the country.


“We had all these magnificent trucks on our roads promoting all manner of goods, from vineyards to dog food, but not one truck was promoting the good work of the transport industry,” said Hannifey. “The industry seems to get a lot of bad press, so I wanted to put something out there in front of the public that was positive.


“I try and take the truck and attend one public event per month, I’ve also had the CEOs of NRMA and VicRoads ride with me, along with politicians and journalists so that they can get a better understanding of some of the challenges that truck drivers face.”


The B-double acts as a mobile billboard alerting road users as to the importance of the road transport industry to Australia’s wealth and prosperity. The back of the trailer features the ‘Truckies’ Top 10 Tips’ for sharing the road, with one tip being promoted each month, these tips and other safety information can be found on the Truckright website.


After five years on the road with the current set up, Hannifey is thinking about a replacement vehicle in the future, a new truck planned for 2016.


“There’s been strong interest from sponsors to get involved with the next vehicle, it’s very encouraging,” said Hannifey. “As a full-time driver I do 200,000 km a year, I have seven children and then I have to balance this with the Truckright work, it can really be challenging, but the cause is very worthwhile.”


The prime mover features Narva lighting from the replacement headlamps, step lights and Daytime Running Lights to the bull bar-mounted HID driving lights and L.E.D marker lamps also on the bull bar.


“Over five years, we’ve only had a couple of minor failures, a couple of the marker lamps we have on the bull bar have dropped an L.E.D, but these are right on the bottom of the bar and get a flogging from kangaroos,” said Hannifey. “The Kenworth operates an EBSS (Electronic Brake Safety Systems) package, which means that the brake lights are also operated by the engine brakes, so they’re on a lot of the time compared to a normal truck, we haven’t even had a single diode fail.”


Well done Rod! Good luck for the next million kms and keep up the good work!

Three sticks

This video suggests changing gear in this old US Kenworth is incredibly complex. Of course it isn’t, the two extra sticks perform the function of the splitter and range change switches on a modern 18 speed. Why make the whole job so highly complicated by fitting such long gear levers? Driving a truck is hard enough in itself before you go and make it even more difficult.

Building your own Kenworth

Ever wanted to build your own Kenworth truck? Well here’s how you do it, with Lego! Not quite as satisfying as the real thing.

Cutting costs with Kenworth

In the USA, all the truck buyers are talking about is fuel economy. At the same time, the Obama Government has laid out regulations ensuring truck manufacturers reach specified fuel economy targets by a series of set dates. It’s all about fuel economy, and truck and trailer makers are going all out to offer genuine fuel consumption changes in their current product, with more fuel saving technologies to come. Read more

Back o’Bourke

How the world has changed in the last few years? Just a short time ago a truckie proud of their truck would carry, at most, a grubby print of their pride and joy taken with an Instamatic film camera. Now, we expect nothing less than a fly past! This is some great footage with our truckie, Mat Dockerty, parking the B-double up on a red dirt road out the back of Bourke and sending up the drone fitted with a camera (probably a GoPro) to buzz around in the sky above the truck capturing spectacular images of both the wild country and his livestock combination.