New innovations from Iveco

At the forthcoming IAA Truck Show in Hannover, Germany, in September, Iveco is set to unveil a number of innovations and new technology fitted in its vehicles to visitors at the show.


Centre stage will be taken by the new Iveco Daily, revealed in June (for a full report on the new van and the launch check out the September/October issue of Diesel Magazine). With 80 per cent of all its components redesigned, this is genuinely a New Daily. Also on show will be the major new components to included in the van, the new F1C engine, the new fully automatic HI-MATIC gearbox and the new Quad Leaf front suspension.


IvecoStralis_LNG copy


Also on show will be the Stralis Natural Power Euro 6 including a liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine. A new standard for LNG tank technology, UNECE 110, was introduced in the European Union in June this year, allowing LNG trucks to get approval to run on European roads. This could be the precursor to a substantial increase in the use of LNG on European highways.


Iveco will be displaying its new Euro 6 engine design, the HI-SCR (High Efficiency selective catalytic reduction). The design uses SCR only to control exhaust gas emissions without using either EGR or a diesel particulate filter. Iveco claim a reduction in fuel consumption of 2.33 per cent over the engine’s predecessor.

New Daily, more power

A new model Iveco Daily van has been unveiled in a major global launch in an Italian palace just outside Turin, home of the Iveco brand and the company’s owners Fiat. This revamp of the Daily van is the third major redesign in the van’s 30 plus years history. After its initial launch around 1980, the van was relaunched in 2001, now with a completely new looking front end it is expected to start arriving in Australia early in 2015.

New_Daily_Van_04 copy

The Daily retains the elements of its design which have differentiated it from rivals, namely a ladder frame chassis at the core of its construction. This has seen the Daily preferred in a number of applications where the inherent solidity of a conventional chassis is required. Iveco are also now offering a 205 hp engine in the range, making a quantum leap in the horsepower stakes, heating up the hp race in the van world. Iveco say 80 per cent of the van and cab chassis components have been redesigned.

As with anything coming out of Italy, a vital part of the van is its design. The new look is a dramatic change to the front end with wide smile, being formed by the front grille and lighting clusters, sweeping down in a curve from A pillar to A pillar. The bonnet sits considerably higher than in its predecessor, but the design has shied away from the ‘goggle eyed’ look favoured by a number of its competitors in recent years.

With the new van design Iveco have also upped the cube stakes, with a new maximum volume of 19.6 cubic metres available (Iveco in Italy round the figure up to 20 in their advertising material). However, the 10.8 cubic metre version of the van is likely to be the biggest selling van, with its 10.5 m turning circle and lower van floor.

In Australia, the cab chassis is likely to remain the biggest seller. The ladder frame chassis enables the Daily to compete against small Japanese trucks as well as form the basis of many camper vans on our roads. The new design comes in wheel bases from 3 m to 4.75 m and the Daily is now capable of 6.19 m overall length.

Ambitious expansion of CNG

AGL Energy have announced plans to open a series of compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling facilities across the East Coast of Australia. The new sites will be both public and on-site refuelling stations and aimed specifically at commercial vehicles.


The process is planned to start this year with the first sites opening in the Melbourne area. The roll-out is slated to be situated in key locations to suit freight routes and enable transport companies to utilise the fuel.


“The sixth largest country by landmass, Australia’s road transport sector is central to our economy, getting food from farms to homes and connecting businesses to markets,” said AGL Managing Director ,Michael Fraser revealed at the ITTES during the launch. “The transport sector is also the second most energy intensive industry in Australia. A rising proportion of our road transport sector is also fuelled by foreign crude and fuel imports, increasing from 60 percent in 2000 to over 90 percent today. Diversifying our fuel mix and building an alternative fuels industry locally, is part of the solution to developing a more resilient economy.”


140403ITTES 5914 - Version 2


The launch saw a number of examples of the kind of vehicles available now, powered by CNG. There were two Isuzu trucks, an FSR and NLR alongside an Iveco Daily with CNG engine. Elsewhere on the Melbourne Showground site Dennis Eagle had unveiled a CNG powered truck with an innovative high density gas storage from Intelligas.


AGL Smart CNG is following in the footsteps of a number of similar projects launched in the past. They have had limited success but been hampered by a lack of government financial support for alternative fuels, an increase in the price of natural gas and only a small number of trucks capable of using CNG on the local market.


One of the problems is the limited number of tasks for which CNG is appropriate. Fleets of garbage trucks and buses with set routes are ideal but freight vehicle with varying routes need flexibility of fuel supply, something a limited number of CNG filling stations cannot offer.


Natural gas is getting traction in the US with subsidies available and many trucks on set local routes. There are 120,000 natural gas powered truck on their roads, probably enough to justify an increase in refuelling infrastructure. Those sot of numbers are unthinkable in Australia for a long time.


Until then, we are in a chicken and egg situation. If there were more filling stations, the industry would buy more trucks. If they bought more trucks, the truck manufacturers would bring a wider range in. If there are more CNG trucks on the road, more CNG service stations would spring up. If…if…if…AGL will probably need deep pockets and nerves of steel to get this one up. Good luck to them!

Previews to ITTES popping up

It’s the week before a major trucks show and the exhibitors at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show are starting to get press releases out there to give us sneak previews of what new things we will be seeing at the Melbourne Showground from April 3 to 6. Of course, there will be some surprises actually at the show but feeding a few titbits in the week before the ITTES gets the public in a ‘show’ mood.


2014-03-11 10.06.49 copy


The big stories of the show are already in the public domain. Kenworth will be showing the new Paccar MX 13 engine fitted in their trucks. The new Volvo FM, FMX and FE will be unveiled at the show for the first time in Australia.


This week, it has been announced, Iveco will be displaying a new compressed natural gas (CNG) engined Daily van at the ITTES in a display jointly organised with AGL, the natural gas and electricity supply company. The 3 litre CNG engine puts out 134 hp and 350 Nm of torque while offering a lower carbon power alternative.


Another van display, this time from Renault, is intended to demonstrate the ‘diverse universe’ of the Master van from the French manufacturer. Renault’s first visit to the show comes as the range continues to grow alongside sales of the Renault van range. There will be rear and front wheel drive models, both cab chassis and van on the stand, with various engine and gearbox options demonstrated.


Show visitors will be able to ride a Harley Davidson at the Freightliner stand, which also includes the Revolution Innovation concept truck. Isuzu will be emphasising the accessories available including, bull bars, reversing cameras,tyre pressure monitoring and daytime running lights alongside the new, high horsepower, Limited Edition F Series models released to celebrate 25 years as number one in the truck market.




The trailer display pavilion will include an innovation in side tipping technology. Air Tip’s name gives the game away, they are introducing an air powered side tipper system to the market. The inventor, Clarke Petrick, came up with idea when working as a geophysicist on mine sites. It uses the existing air circuits on the truck to activate and power the tipping mechanism.


Kreuger will be displaying the Steelbro range on their stand for the first time since they announced their partnership in the Australian market.


Word has it, there is a major new initiative to be announced by TransHelp, the driver’s health and well-being support organisation. It is also pretty certain the Iveco Daily won’t be the only alternative fuel engine debuting at the ITTES.

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