logging operation add Astra

Logging Operation Add Astra

Looking for a robust off road truck to handle the tough conditions a Western Australian logging operation add Astra to their all wheel drive working fleet. The Astra brand has had limited visibility in Australia, but elsewhere in the world has proven a useful add-on to the Iveco brand in some of the more rugged country’s truck markets. For example, it has been the top selling truck brand in Iceland. Read more

first test drive of the S-Way

First Test Drive of the S-Way

Hot off the presses comes the first test drive of the S-Way from Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. He takes the new truck around the test track in Madrid in the wake of the new truck range’s global launch in the Spanish capital last week. Read more

Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco

Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco

With an advertising video using Queen’s classic hit Don’t Stop Me Now, Iveco has launched a completely new truck onto the market, with the release of the S-Way model. The launch in Madrid, Spain unveiled a completely redesigned cabin, a quantum leap in truck connectivity and improved fuel consumption/reduced emissions. Read more

Iveco’s ‘Generation X’

Iveco’s ‘Generation X’

With a wealth of updates and improvements, Iveco’s ‘Generation X’ – the new Stralis X-Way – represents a comprehensive upgrade over its predecessor in terms of driver safety, comfort and convenience. Diesel NewsPaul Matthei looks at how these systems can improve driver behaviour while driving an example from Melbourne to Sydney hitched to a semi-trailer and grossing 40.5 tonnes.

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a big banger from Iveco

A Big Banger from Iveco

According to reports on European websites, including Commercial Motor, Iveco are about to release a new version of the Stralis, and included in those plans is a big banger from Iveco. Reports suggest a completely new cabin for the Stralis among a substantial range of new features.

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electric truck hits Australian streets

Electric Truck Hits Australian Streets

WM Waste Management Services’ new electric truck hits Australian streets this week, with the City of Casey the first local council in Victoria to put 100 per cent electric hard waste collection trucks into its rubbish collection service. 

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the rectangular shaped box

The Rectangular Shaped Box

There’s one aspect of large vans that continues basically unchanged across the generations, the rectangular shaped box of varying dimensions that comprises up to three-quarters of the vehicle. Clearly the simple reason is that this shape maximises the cargo carrying volume which is obviously the primary purpose for this type of vehicle.

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trucks with Euro6 engines

Trucks With Euro 6 Engines

At the upcoming truck show in Brisbane the Iveco stand will extensively feature trucks with Euro 6 engines across its light, medium and heavy duty weight categories, including several that will be on public display in Australia for the first time.

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fully formed out of Europe

Fully Formed Out of Europe

The Stralis X-Way range comes fully formed out of Europe after being launched there in 2017. This is another evolutionary development for the Stralis range of trucks, which came into existence back in 2002. 

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