where to with the Acco?

Where To With The Acco?

The Iveco organisation has had at its disposal some good trucks with good reputations, the strongest of which was the Acco, which is still a strong seller in vocational applications, but where to with the Acco? The Iveco brand has also developed a strong range of trucks from the European market and had access to product coming out of the International brand in the US. Read more

untapped potential in the Iveco product

Untapped Potential in the Iveco Product

There is a lot of untapped potential in the Iveco product, which new Iveco Managing Director, Michael May, can begin to work on exploiting. He says the company’s inventive and entrepreneurial philosophies were an attractive proposition for Michael to get involved. Read more

a new start for Iveco

A New Start for Iveco

With the arrival of Michael May as its new Managing Director, there is the possibility of a new start for Iveco. This is a welcome change for the Australian operation, which has had a turbulent few years, and in light of the corporate changes to the global organisation. Tim Giles talks with Michael May, now that he has settled into the job. Read more

higher power from Iveco trucks

Higher Power from Iveco Trucks

With the introduction of new engine horsepower and transmission options to its medium duty, Euro6 Eurocargo range, higher power from Iveco trucks is now available to operators. Read more

innovation from Iveco

Innovation from Iveco

In 2025 European truck manufacturers will have to slash the average CO2 emissions of new trucks by 15 per cent or face hefty fines and this is being answered with innovation from Iveco. While some truck makers will no doubt struggle, Iveco is embracing the challenge. Why? Because parent company CNH Industrial has just invested US$250m ($365,000) In Arizona-based hydrogen fuel cell specialist Nikola Motor Company. Our man in Europe, Will Shiers, reports. Read more

this is where Accos go to die

This is Where Accos Go to Die

Ever wondered what happened to all of those waste trucks emptying bins all over Australia go after their use by date is up, well this is where Accos go to die. Working in the paddocks of Western Australia. The waste body is removed and the PTO and hydraulics come in handy as they are transformed into hay bale stackers. Read more

the end of an Acco era

The End of an Acco Era

As the last Euro 5 model rolled off the line in Dandenong in Victoria and the last unit left the assembly plant it marked the end of an Acco era. The Iveco Acco has been a mainstay of the Australian trucking scene since its first appearance back in 1961.  Read more

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