is rebranding going to help Iveco in Australia?

Is Rebranding Going to Help Iveco in Australia?

In the lead-up to its spin-off from CNH Industrial in early 2022, Iveco has been renamed to Iveco Group, but is rebranding going to help Iveco in Australia? This is the question being asked as the global truck, bus and engine maker unveiled a new logo that showcases the eight brands under the Group’s ownership. Read more

personnel changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong

Personnel Changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong

A number of organisational changes which are said to allow the company to further streamline operations and better respond to customer needs means a number of personnel changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong have been announced. Read more

a challenging truck maker’s conundrum

A Challenging Truck Maker’s Conundrum

The situation Michael May stepped into in this new role as Managing Director of Iveco in Australia can be said to be a challenging truck maker’s conundrum. Iveco has a respectable history and sturdy relationship with the Australian trucking industry, and trucks like the Acco have a place in the hearts of many who grew up with these vehicles. Read more

latest Iveco Euro 6 Accos join the Cleanaway fleet

Latest Iveco Euro 6 Accos Join the Cleanaway Fleet

A long standing relationship between Cleanaway and the Iveco organisation looks set to continue as the latest Iveco Euro 6 Accos join the Cleanaway fleet. Cleanaway has been a user of the previous model Acco trucks for many years, and has now committed to the new Acco with the acquisition of 23 6×4 units, to fill a new City of Wyndham refuse collection contract in Melbourne’s south west. Read more

where to with the Acco?

Where To With The Acco?

The Iveco organisation has had at its disposal some good trucks with good reputations, the strongest of which was the Acco, which is still a strong seller in vocational applications, but where to with the Acco? The Iveco brand has also developed a strong range of trucks from the European market and had access to product coming out of the International brand in the US. Read more

untapped potential in the Iveco product

Untapped Potential in the Iveco Product

There is a lot of untapped potential in the Iveco product, which new Iveco Managing Director, Michael May, can begin to work on exploiting. He says the company’s inventive and entrepreneurial philosophies were an attractive proposition for Michael to get involved. Read more

a new start for Iveco

A New Start for Iveco

With the arrival of Michael May as its new Managing Director, there is the possibility of a new start for Iveco. This is a welcome change for the Australian operation, which has had a turbulent few years, and in light of the corporate changes to the global organisation. Tim Giles talks with Michael May, now that he has settled into the job. Read more

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