Brisbane down to Sydney with a fully loaded B-double

Brisbane Down to Sydney With a Fully Loaded B-double

The first serious test drive of the new Iveco S-Way for PowerTorque was on a run from Brisbane down to Sydney with a fully loaded B-double set. This is the S-Way with AS (Active Space) cab and the 550hp 13 litre Cursor engine, putting out 2500Nm of torque at 1000rpm.
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created active space in the cabin

Created Active Space in the Cabin

Apart from the driveline, which is a known quantity, Iveco have added to and created active space in the cabin of the S-Way, turning it into something which is much better than before. It’s going to work well and it’s a useful tool. Iveco haven’t done anything with the dimensions. It’s the same size box as it was originally, but they’ve done a better job with this space than they have done before in the past. 
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very different beast to its predecessors

Very Different Beast to its Predecessors

The Iveco S-Way is definitely a very different beast to its predecessors, but that only becomes clear when you are out on the road with the B-double in tow. Although the basic truck looks quite familiar, this really is a new design and a new truck. The basic driveline is very similar to the one on offer in the X-Way before it, but the rest of it is a revelation.
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bringing Iveco up to date

Bringing Iveco Up To Date

The new S-Way is hoped to be the model which will bring back the Iveco brand, after test driving the model, Tim Giles reckons it is bringing Iveco up to date. The next question is, will it save the brand
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the S-Way driving experience

The S-Way Driving Experience

Although there was limited time at the wheel at the recent launch of the S-Way range from Iveco, there was a chance to get a handle on what the S-Way driving experience with the new models is like. The first impression is of a stylish European truck with a distinctive stylish sweep to the front grille. There will be no missing these new models as you meet them on the highway.
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aspects of the new S-Way range

Aspects of the New S-Way range

With three different cab options, the Active Space, the Active Time and the Active Day configurations for long distance, intrastate and local respectively, certain aspects of the new S-Way range from Iveco will be familiar from the former Stralis range. 
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Acco completes the set

Acco Completes the Set

This year has been one of a series of new model releases for Iveco and after an announcement this week the Acco completes the set, with the brand offering a new model in every segment. The replacement for Australia’s longest-standing commercial vehicle nameplate is returning to the Iveco product line-up, with Iveco Australia engineers currently testing and validating the latest model prior to a full release.
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introducing a rugged off-road range

Introducing a Rugged Off-road Range

The next stage of a renewal for the Iveco brand sees a launch introducing a rugged off-road range, the T-Way. These new trucks are a replacement for the former Trakker model.
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