Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled

Isuzu Fuel Cell Truck Unveiled

The Isuzu Group booth at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, which begins in Tokyo this week will see an Isuzu fuel cell truck unveiled. The truck comes as a result of a cooperation agreement between Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor.
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a full evaluation of electric power

A Full Evaluation of Electric Power

Isuzu will be bringing in electric truck for a full evaluation of electric power on our roads in the next year or so. In Japan, Isuzu is already mass producing electric trucks for the domestic market in Japan.
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one of the most comprehensive model ranges

One of the Most Comprehensive Model Ranges 

After well over thirty years as the number one selling truck brand in Australia, the Isuzu organisation has developed one of the most comprehensive model ranges available any where in the world. This result has come from a combination of strengths, the ability investigate the precise needs of the Australian truck market and then developing a model to suit each task in transport, and then back it up with a solid dealership base.
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the quintessential Isuzu driving experience

The Quintessential Isuzu Driving Experience

For now, the flagship truck of the Isuzu range is the 8×4 model is the quintessential Isuzu driving experience. It is a model, which has made considerable progress in the agitator market and has boosted Isuzu’s truck sales in the heavy duty sector since its introduction.
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developments within Isuzu

Latest Models From Isuzu

PowerTorque took the opportunity to test drive the latest models from Isuzu to gauge the number one selling truck brand in Australia’s latest tweaks to the trucks, as well as get some insights into future electric plans from the Japanese truck maker.
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a major complete renewal due from Isuzu

A Major Complete Renewal Due From Isuzu 

The F Series models currently on sale in Australia are based on a platform which originally appeared in 2007, but there’s a major complete renewal due from Isuzu, for these models, in the next couple of years. For now, we are looking at the brand bringing its current models up to date with the kind of gizmos which are becoming essential parts of a modern truck. 
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four major changes in the new F Series models

Four Major Changes in the New F Series Models

Climbing into the cabin of the latest Isuzu range to be released, there are four major changes in the new F Series models. The most obvious change is the new, large 10.1-inch touchscreen to the driver’s left on the dashboard. This is the interface with all of the entertainment, audio visual, satnav and cameras equipment now available. 
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