Hino Going Auto

A trend affecting the medium to light/heavy-duty area of the market is leading to a situation where Hino going auto is only to be expected. Several truck makers have offered automated manual transmissions as an option, but the market seems to be locking itself into a preference for Allison fully automatic gearing.

As a result, Allison is an option on just about every model in the new Hino 500 Series line-up. The substantial improvement in auto performance with improved electronics, including the ability to monitor the truck’s behaviour and demands so precisely, via the CANbus, means the transmission has an effective answer to every question posed by the truck and the task at hand. Read more

Looking for More Power

As we have seen for many years, the truck market is always looking for more power in its trucks. The desire to have just a bit more oomph every time a truck is replaced doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

As a result, we have seen a new engine from Hino appear as an option in the heavier end of the new 500 range. In fact, both engines now available are new to Australia. The existing eight-litre engine has been modernised as the Hino J08E. It is rated at 280hp (206kW) at 2,500rpm and puts out an increased torque level at 883Nm (651 ft lb), an increase of seven per cent on its predecessor. Read more

Built-in Flexibility

The modern truck has a lot of built-in flexibility, and the Hino 500 range is no exception. The models available range from the lighter end of medium-duty up to some serious heavy-duty rigid trucks. This means the trucks are going to experience very different working lives and need to be capable, no matter what the task.

Hino has looked at what they have on offer in the 500 Series and made a number of changes to increase the breadth and depth of its offering to the market. This means new chassis, new engines and new combinations of existing components. Read more

Truck Show Snapshots

Last week was Brisbane Truck Show, here are the Diesel News’ Truck Show Snapshots, if you couldn’t make to the event.There were unveilings by Scania, UD Trucks, Mercedes Benz, International and Hino. Crowds surged around the new Kenworth T610 and the old school limited edition T900 on the Paccar stand. Freightliner harked back over the 75 years since the founding of the company with a rare 1950 A64-800 ‘Bubblenose’ truck. Read more

Quick Look at the Trade Ace

Diesel News took a quick look at the Trade Ace from Hino. Stepping up to a light duty truck from a car can be daunting for some people. Change can be a daunting thing when car-based utilities or one-tonners have been the workhorse of choice.

When business needs demand a vehicle with a significantly greater carrying capacity, it’s not just the larger size, both length and width, causing consternation, there’s also the extra height off the ground, those wide reaching rear view mirrors and a turning circle somewhat larger than an average ute. Read more

Running a Workshop

There is more to running a workshop than meets the eye. Professional technicians and their management need to handle the task in a collaborative manner to get the best out of the team. Diesel Workshop has been speaking too one particular example in South West Sydney.

Running the workshop for Adtrans, based in Smeaton Grange in South West Sydney is the task for Greg Mann. In his late 50s, Greg Mann comes across as an affable bloke who calls a spade a spade and really knows his stuff in regards to truck workshop management. That’s hardly surprising considering he has 38 years of workshop management experience under his belt. Read more

Hino Opens a Care Centre

Hino opens a care centre to provide assistance for its customers, making it the first Hino distributor worldwide to offer such a facility. The purpose-built centre at Hino Australia’s head office in Sydney will serve as the contact point for customers reaching Hino Australia through email, phone and social media channels.


Hino Opens a Care Centre


“As part of our investment in customer support and our growing Hino Advantage suite of business solutions, the new Customer Care Centre is possibly the most vital addition to our offering,” said Bill Gillespie, Hino Australia General Manager, Brand and Franchise Development. “The Customer Care Centre is more than a call centre: it is a complete support solution for all our customers and their businesses through every stage of truck ownership.


“Being able to accept and respond to all enquiries within the walls of our head office represents the ongoing focus that places our customers at the centre of our operation. The advantage for businesses is connecting them directly to the nerve centre of Hino knowledge and the peace of mind that we have the solutions to keep them on the road for longer.”


Designed and built by Sydney-based company Enfold Projects, Hino reckons the centre embodies its customer support ethos to create an inviting and uplifting work environment.


“The investment in professional designers and developers to create the care centre space shows the commitment to our customers by giving them a state-of-the-art, purpose-built contact point,” said Gillespie.

Fitting KERS on Trailers

Fitting KERS on Trailers

In case you missed it, the topic of fitting KERS on trailers was one of the most interesting presentations at the ComVec Conference in Melbourne, organised by Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia. Here is a similar presentation from earlier this year by the Adgero CEO, Mack Murray, in Amsterdam.


The KERS system concept was introduced in Formula One racing back in 2009:


The pioneer in Australia, first to introduce a hybrid truck, was Hino:


Of course, the trailer mounted system is a  simpler technology, quite different from the hybrid trucks we see working in Australia and around the world. Here is the Volvo hybrid working in the garbage industry in Rotterdam:

It's a Wrap

It’s a Wrap

It’s a wrap being fitted to the trailer as part of the Toyota 86 Racing Series team before setting out to transport the team’s car and all of its equipment around the country. The team has been supplied with a Hino 700 Series SS 2848 ProShift 16 high roof as part of its sponsorship of the team and event.


Since the introduction of the wrap, not too many years ago, the potential of fitting an innovative and non-permanent design to a truck or trailer has seen many businesses move away from the traditional sign written truck.


Here’s a truck from the iconic Eddie Stobart fleet in the UK getting the full treatment:


This video demonstrates just how much more impact can be achieved using a wrap on a box body compared to the older style it used before:


Here’s how to get a Streets ice cream delivery truck redesigned in under two minutes:

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