getting retardation right for Hino

Getting Retardation Right for Hino

Working in rural areas is one area where Japanese brands specialise and, in getting retardation right for Hino, the 700 Series has found a home in quite a few farming industry associated tasks. Working in this segment is not a high mileage task, but it is tough on the trucks. They are rarely turned over after just a few years on the job, they are expected to put in good service over many years, and are only replaced when thoroughly worn out. Read more

a specialised vehicle transportation service

A Specialised Vehicle Transportation Service 

Based in Southern Sydney, Select Tilt Tray Group provides a specialised vehicle transportation service for a number of customers including Toyota industrial equipment. Diesel News’ Paul Matthei looks at a company which depends on a fleet of Hino trucks to ensure the ongoing requirements of hard-won clients are met on time, every time. Read more

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

The month of April has seen some surprise truck sales figures released as the Covid-19 crisis seems to be having an effect on some truck sales numbers. The latest results released by the Truck Industry Council show a decline in sales numbers, but the months to come will give us a better handle on the real effects of the current crisis. Read more

the truck maker is getting the basics right

The Truck Maker is Getting the Basics Right

There is a kind of truck that those working with the farming community in rural areas are looking for, a truck where the truck maker is getting the basics right. This is the successor to the trucks which dominated rural transport in the past, the International, AEC, Bedford, Leyland and all of the other post-war trucks now commonly seen in the countless vintage truck events around the nation.  Read more

a rural trucking workhorse

A Rural Trucking Workhorse

There is a particular type of truck which is ideal for the the kind of transport task which is undertaken in rural areas, a rural trucking workhorse. You need a reliable, long wheelbase 6×4 rigid with enough power to pull a fully loaded truck and trailer, as well as the something which is easy to use and can cope with anything thrown at it. Read more

suited to regional and interstate work

Suited to Regional and Interstate Work

The purpose of Paul Matthei’s recent inland trip from Brisbane to Sydney, crossing the Great Dividing Range multiple times and traversing a number of highways less travelled by regular interstaters, was to determine how well the new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab is suited to regional and interstate work typical of some medium-duty operations. Read more

drivetrain punching above its weight.

Drivetrain Punching Above its Weight

Fitted in the latest Hino 500 Series standard cab models, the A05C engine is part of a drivetrain punching above its weight. With a swept volume of 5,123 cubic centimetres, around the same cubic capacity as the average Ford and Holden V8 car engines of the ‘80s and ‘90s, it has been deliberately over-engineered to enable an extended service life under arduous operating conditions.  Read more

medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs

Medium-Duty Trucks Rarely Break away From the ‘Burbs

While many medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs, there are some that do the long highway hauls just like their big brothers. Paul Matthei set off from Brisbane bound for Sydney via Tamworth and Dubbo to evaluate the performance of Hino’s all-new 500 Series Standard Cab in the wide-open spaces Read more

electric truck solution for Ikea

Electric Truck Solution for Ikea

Queensland transport operator, All Purpose Transport, is now offering an electric truck solution for Ikea and its other customers, with the introduction of an electric delivery vehicle into the fleet.  Read more

on highway experience

On Highway Experience 

The crux of any test drive in a new truck is the on highway experience, how it actually feels to drive this truck in normal conditions and how it reacts to a challenge. This is as important with the less glamorous trucks in the fleet as it is with the top end heavy duty prime movers. Read more

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