looking overseas to recruit truck technicians

Looking Overseas to Recruit Truck Technicians

As part of its long-term strategic plan to address the national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics Hino Australia has been looking overseas to recruit truck technicians. The truck maker has welcomed 15 experienced technicians from the Philippines, while also commencing a second round of international recruitment. Read more

performance data tracking in real time

Performance Data Tracking in Real Time

Hino Connect is an integrated telematics system that combines key performance data tracking in real time, remote diagnosis of vehicle faults and 24/7 alerts delivered to the truck’s owner and their Hino Connect specialist for priority repairs and service support.  Read more

sophisticated integrated telematics program

Sophisticated Integrated Telematics Program

Hino Australia recently introduced its sophisticated integrated telematics program called Hino Connect as standard equipment on the new 700 Series heavy duty models sold in Australia. Paul Matthei took a deep dive into this clever technology which has the potential to maximise efficiencies in truck operation. Read more

state-of-the-art electronic sophistication

State-of-the-art Electronic Sophistication

Hino have come up with an all new 700 Series range, which has extended the overall range and now includes all of the state-of-the-art electronic sophistication you can throw a stick at. Apart from a full safety suite, there is now a new engine available, at nine litres, and a much improved transmission, a genuine 8×4, plus a refresh of the overall look and feel of the 700 Series. Read more

the cabin of the larger Hino prime mover

The Cabin of the Larger Hino Prime Mover

Climbing up into the cabin of the larger Hino prime mover, the SS 2848, is a different proposition to the smaller rigid FY model. The 700 cabin with the 13 litre engine sits 120mm higher than the model fitted with the nine litre. They are both 700 Series models but they really do look and feel different.  Read more

First Time in a Twin Steer Hino 

It has been a long time coming, but the Australian truck market now has a Hino 8×4 with a load sharing suspension, and this was PowerTorque’s first time in a twin steer Hino in Australia and a chance to see how well this model will perform in Aussie conditions. Read more

real-time insights into the operation of fleets

Real-time Insights Into the Operation of Fleets

‘’More than just a mapping or tracking tool, Hino-Connect delivers 700 Series customers real-time insights into the operation of fleets,” says Gus Belanszky, General Manager, Service and Customer Support for Hino Australia. “In an Australian-first, Hino-Connect will allow direct communications with drivers through the intelligent multimedia unit. Read more

smart trucks, for smart trucking

Smart Trucks, for Smart Trucking

At the same time as telematics systems are getting better, so are individual components on a truck, but the truck systems are now becoming powerful enough to stand on their own as a trucking operator’s telematics system, making smart trucks, for smart trucking possible. Read more

truck makers need to keep up with the times

Truck Makers Need to Keep up With the Times

What we expect from a heavy duty truck is changing fast, and truck makers need to keep up with the times. Hino has come up with a model which is precisely tailored to this decade’s Australian heavy market preferences. Read more

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