It’s All the Rage, Ready Made

For truck manufacturers in Australia, it’s all the rage, ready made trucks fitted with bodies able to go to work straight out of the dealership. This has become an accelerating trend in recent years as more and more trucks are offered for sale already fitted with tipper, flat top and even pan bodies. Read more

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication, Communication, Communication

A good truck-selling organisation should be about communication, communication, communication up and down the line, with plenty of feedback reaching the right ears. In the case of the new Fighter FK 1124 is one of those models that borrows some elements from the next size up and some from the next size below, it was the product development team who got the message about this emerging gap in the range.

Read more

Making the Truck Fit the Task

Getting it just right making the truck fit the task is the art of truck development. Fuso has come up with a truck model to fill another niche at 11 tonnes gross vehicle mass, Diesel News takes it for a drive. Read more

Truck Platooning in Japan

Truck Platooning in Japan

A field trial of truck platooning in Japan shows how the new technology is spreading across the globe and sees a much more cooperative approach to the subject from the Japanese Government. Read more

Swing Low

Fuso is set to swing low with one of the models released this year. The vast array of models from the Japanese truck maker are always task specific, and as a result, the specifications available from the Japanese in light- and medium-duty are very closely aligned from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometime it would be hard to get a cigarette paper in between the model specs. Read more

A New Approach from Fuso

Our first experience of a new approach from Fuso is the latest update to the Canter light-duty range of trucks. These were unveiled and explained by the new team in Geelong Victoria, where Diesel News got a chance to drive the latest trucks and talk to the new team. Read more

Renew a Model

Sometimes truck makers seem to renew a model just for the sake of having something new to say, but sometimes they have something new to say without needing a major update. At Fuso it would seem the latter is the case, with many changes to the brand without much cosmetic change to the trucks on offer.

The world of the Japanese truck manufacturers in Australia is a very clear-cut one. Often the trucks are a commodity, it is difficult to differentiate between them, from the customers point of view. This sector of the market relies a lot less on the kind of emotional and traditional buying decisions we see occurring in the heavy-duty line-haul prime mover sector. Read more

Australian Electric Truck Trial

Beginning next year, an Australian electric truck trial will feature the new Fuso eCanter. The truck has been involved in real-world trials in Portugal and Germany, and the latest eCanter features an upgraded drive system and new design. Fuso confirmed the eCanter will be involved in a trial with key customer fleets next year.

Fuso revealed the third generation of the all-electric light duty truck at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover last week. The new eCanter uses a permanent synchronous electric motor with an output of 185 kW and torque of 380 Nm. Power is transferred to the rear axle by a standard single-speed transmission. Read more

Electric Trucks

64 per cent savings in operating costs are being claimed as results for an electric truck trial are being published. Customer field trials with eight Fuso Canter E-Cell trucks in Portugal began in mid-2014. The Canters were permanently monitored and analysed during the one-year field trial.

The trucks travelled 51,500 km without a problem, demonstrating operating ranges of up to 109 km. The most used Canter E-Cell was in service with the Transporta parcel service company and completed a distance of over 14,000 km during the one-year trial. Read more

Electric truck trial

A real world one year trial of electric trucks has taken place in Portugal, with initial results suggesting substantial savings in running costs. First findings from the trials with eight Fuso Canter E-Cell trucks in Portugal indicate the trucks proved adequate for everyday use in short range delivery and inner city transportation. Read more

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