a simple no-nonsense approach

A Simple No-Nonsense Approach

There is no need to make driving a truck too complex and a simple no-nonsense approach will work most of the time. The Fuso Shogun 510 is an example of making driving a sophisticated truck relatively simple. Read More
diesel, electric and fuel cell from Hino and Fuso

Diesel, Electric and Fuel Cell From Hino and Fuso

It’s the Japan Mobility Show 2023 this week and that means a wide array of new trucks are being launched this week including new diesel, electric and fuel cell from Hino and Fuso. Interestingly for Australian truck buyers they are all introducing new heavy duty models, something which does not happen very often in the Japanese market.
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one of the four contender

Most Powerful Japanese Truck

Fuso can rightfully claim the Shogun 510, which has been announced as one of the four contenders for the Truck of the Year Australasia 2023 award, which will be presented at the Brisbane Truck Show on May 18, is the most powerful Japanese truck on the market. The criteria for being a contender is that this model has made a contribution, to the standards of safety and efficiency of transport of goods by road, taking into account the particular characteristics of the Australasian truck market. Read More
building eCanters for Australia

Building eCanters for Australia

PowerTorque visited the Daimler plant at Tramagal, Portugal, which has been building light duty trucks in Portugal for the European market for well over 20 years and is where up to now, Fuso have been building eCanters for Australia.
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taking Fuso forward

Taking Fuso Forward

The next ten years are going to see major changes in the trucks on offer from the major truck manufacturers, so PowerTorque got a chance to ask some questions about how Daimler is taking Fuso forward in the next few years.
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electric truck with a modular battery concept

Electric Truck With a Modular Battery Concept

The world launch of the Next Generation eCanter, saw the unveiling of a new electric truck with a modular battery concept, meaning a variety of ranges are up for grabs, reports Charleen Clarke, Editor of Focus on Transport and Logistics. Read More
what does the Aussie truck buyer want?

What Does the Aussie Truck Buyer Want?

One of the main things any truck buyer is looking for is durability and Japanese trucks have proven their durability in the Australian truck market and an answer to the question, what does the Aussie truck buyer want? The ability to just keep plugging away with little fuss is what all of the Japanese truck makers are renowned for. The attention to detail and build quality out of Japan is a known quantity.
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