half a century of Canter

Half a Century of Canter

This year sees the Fuso Canter (formerly Mitsubishi Canter, and formerly Dodge Canter) notch up 50 years on the Australian truck market and the Fuso brand is celebrating the longevity of the model and its place in the Australian psyche and looks back at half a century of Canter. Read more

differentiating factor between the Fuso eCanter and other electric trucks

Between the Fuso eCanter and Other Electric Trucks

How well the vehicle’s main computer modulates the truck’s performance to keep the behaviour within acceptable parameters is the differentiating factor between the Fuso eCanter and other electric trucks, including the prototype eCanter, which PowerTorque has tested. Read more

first impressions of the Fuso eCanter

First Impressions of a Fuso eCanter

Stepping up into the cabin of this truck, the first impressions of the Fuso eCanter is that it’s just the same as it is in any other truck. As the driver sits in the driving seat, they are presented with a layout which is very similar to the one which they are used to on a day-to-day basis. Read more

smooth sophistication from an electric truck

Smooth Sophistication From an Electric Truck

The driving experience is not something people normally expect from a truck test drive, but it is possible to get smooth sophistication from an electric truck, reckons Tim Giles after driving the Fuso eCanter. Read more

Japanese big banger announced

Japanese Big Banger Announced

The return of a 13 litre engine to the Fuso heavy duty range sees a Japanese big banger announced at over 500hp. There had been a trend to use 11 litre engines, in recent years, at the top end of Japanese truck ranges from UD Trucks and Fuso. Read more

electrification of the Australia Post fleet grows

Electrification of the Australia Post Fleet Grows

With the first arrivals hitting the road in October the electrification of the Australia Post fleet grows. Currently, Australia Post is the largest operator of electric vehicles in Australia, with a fleet of more than 3000 electric vehicles currently in use.  Read more

Velocity buy another Daimler dealership

Velocity Buy Another Daimler Dealership

The US dealer operation Velocity Vehicle Group is further extending its major move into the Australian truck market as Velocity buy another Daimler dealership. After picking up a number of Daimler Truck dealerships early this year the US company has now taken control of Daimler’s biggest NSW outlet, its Huntingwood dealership. Read more

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