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Cascadia With Even More Gadgets

Down the track there’s going to be iterations of the Cascadia with even more gadgets, which embrace more technology and models developed to suit market niches. It will pick up a lot more from the Daimler family, equipment now available from the Mercedes Benz range.
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Cascadia with a digital dash

Cascadia With a Digital Dash

For someone without much familiarity with the Freightliner Cascadia 126 36, or any Cascadia with a digital dash, a driver simply has to fold down the sun visor and take a shot with their phone of the QR code placed there, this sends them to a series of instructional videos on all of the control systems in the truck. 
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genuine B-double prime mover

Genuine B-double Prime Mover

With the specification of the Freightliner Cascadia 126 36, the brand have brought a truck which is a genuine B-double prime mover with no compromises involved. Tim Giles takes one for a spin to see how it performs. 
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autonomous trucks first in the US

Autonomous Trucks First in the US

Daimler Truck’s decision to develop autonomous trucks first in the US depends on multiple factors. Firstly, the States have the most branched and extensive motorway network globally, and the speed difference between trucks and cars is not as high as in the European Union.
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driverless trucks by 2030

Driverless Trucks by 2030

Daimler Truck plans to introduce series-production driverless trucks by 2030 in the United States. Gianenrico Griffini, Italian Trucking Editor and President of the International  Truck of the Year Jury, got a taste of things to come when he hopped aboard a Freightliner Cascadia self-driving truck on the highways around Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
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Velocity buy another Daimler dealership

Velocity Buy Another Daimler Dealership

The US dealer operation Velocity Vehicle Group is further extending its major move into the Australian truck market as Velocity buy another Daimler dealership. After picking up a number of Daimler Truck dealerships early this year the US company has now taken control of Daimler’s biggest NSW outlet, its Huntingwood dealership.
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major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced

Major Daimler Trucks Deal With Cummins is Announced

This week sees more repositioning in the face of growing interest in alternatives to traditional diesel power as a major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced. The global truck maker and the largest independent engine manufacturer, Cummins have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a global strategic partnership for medium-duty engine systems. 
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Daimler Trucks spin off from Mercedes Benz

Daimler Trucks to Spin Off From Mercedes Benz

A fundamental change in its structure, will see Daimler Trucks spin off from Mercedes Benz into, what Daimler are calling, two pure-play companies. The company says the move is ‘designed to unlock the full potential of its businesses in a zero-emissions, software-driven future.
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safety systems come grouped together

Safety Systems Come Grouped Together

In the Freightliner Cascadia, all of the safety systems come grouped together under the appellation of Detroit Assurance 5.0. This includes all of the usual fruit we have come to expect out of the top of the range Daimler trucks, there is Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent high beam et al.
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