new electric trucks on offer from Foton

New Electric Trucks on Offer From Foton

We have seen this brand in Australia before, but now there are new electric trucks on offer from Foton. There have been two previous introductions, by two different importers, to introduce Foton into Australia, with a conventional diesel light duty truck. Both had limited penetration. 
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around our cities in a Foton

Around Our Cities in a Foton 

A recent test drive was an opportunity to see how much credibility the Foton will have for the electric truck buyer and what the experience might be for the drivers making deliveries around our cities in a Foton electric truck. 
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an electric truck on offer

An Electric Truck on Offer

At this time, only a few of the main players has an electric truck on offer. This means there is a window of opportunity for others to fill the void, before the likes of Hino and Isuzu get electric trucks on the road.
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first foray with Foton

First Foray with a Foton

The number of battery electric trucks coming onto the Australian truck market rises again with the arrival of Foton and in its first foray with Foton, PowerTorque takes one of the new trucks out onto the roads of Sydney and puts it through its paces. 
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plenty of alternative power in Brisbane

Alternative Power in Brisbane

With offerings from Hyundai, Foton Mobility, Hyzon  and SEA Electric there was plenty of alternative power in Brisbane at the truck show. Hyundai unveiled a 100 per cent electric new Mighty,
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Chinese truck makers trying to break into this market

Chinese Truck Makers Trying to Break Into this Market

So far, all of the attempts by Chinese truck makers trying to break into this market, which is extremely competitive and dominated by three highly professional Japanese truck manufacturers Isuzu, Hino and Fuso, have not been successful. JAC Trucks came and went. Likewise, JMC trucks appeared for a short time then disappeared in a short few months.
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the light duty looks department

The Light Duty Looks Department

The Foton Aumark S fares quite well in the light duty looks department with a design which is clearly in line with the latest truck aesthetic. The grille at the front gives away the strong relationship that Foton has with the Daimler Truck organisation with its close resemblance to the style used on the front of the latest heavy duty Mercedes-Benz in Australia. By the way, this cabin is fully ECE R29 crash test complaint.
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