Traction And The Lifting Axle

Traction and the Lifting Axle

When considering a truck like the DAF LF 6×2, it’s all about traction and the lifting axle. The new DAF LF can load up to its 23.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM), but as soon as the mass at the back drops below 6.5 tonnes, it can be retracted.

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Lifting The Pusher

Lifting The Pusher

The new DAF LF 6×2 is all about lifting the pusher and the new model, previewed at the Brisbane Show gets a Diesel News test drive around Melbourne. Here in Australia, we are unused to the concept of a pusher axle that can lift out of the way when not needed. If any axles have been capable of being lifted in the 6×2/6×4 space, they have normally been lifting tags, which are simpler to engineer. However, their popularity has remained limited by issues around overhang lengths, especially when we have to live with the 6.0 to 6.5-tonne front-axle mass limit.

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Out of the Horsepower Race

Out of the Horsepower Race

Over the years, DAF, has stayed out of the horsepower race, resolutely refusing to follow the crowd and turn up the wick on its biggest displacement, 13 litre, diesels, observes Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Brian Weatherley. However, before the recent launch of its new XF and CF models the press worked itself up into a right-old tizzy (again), convinced the cloggies were about to give their 12.9 litre six-pot a major boost in power, having previously limited it to 510hp and 2500Nm.

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Improved DAF Cabin

Diesel News’ Europe Correspondent Brian Weatherley reports on the improved DAF Cabin on the latest Euro 6 XF and CF, launched in the European market. For DAFs engineers at Eindhoven in The Netherlands, the watchword is with evolution, not revolution and their latest CF and XF proves it. 

New CF and XF gain a face-lifted interior along with an updated night control panel by the bed plus an upgraded instrument and dashboard layout. But what are they like on the road? The answer, to use the pommie habit of emphasis through understatement, is rather good.

We tried out the new models in Holland and while it’s not a country famed for its contours we did manage to find the odd hill on our test route which included motorways and local roads. With the new 450hp rating on the MX-11 likely to appeal to European fleet operators, we first tried a CF 450FT ‘lightweight’ 4×2 prime mover hitched to a tri-axle tank trailer running at around 32-tonnes, somewhat below the normal 40 tonne EU limit, but enough to get a feel for it working. Read more

Flat Floor Thoughts

The long-awaited arrival of the right-hand-drive Renault ‘T High’ tractor in the UK has given Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Brian Weatherley, some flat floor thoughts – thinking about the benefits of flat-floor cab-overs to overnighters.

Frankly, I’m surprised more manufacturers don’t do it. ‘Do what?’ I hear you ask Down Under. Build more flat-floor cab-over models, that’s what. Given the fact that every night hundreds of thousands of European long-haul drivers are bedding down for the night in a truck (and I reckon 99.99 per cent of them will be doing it in a cab-over prime mover) you’d think that all of Europe’s truck makers would be keen to make their cabs as easy to move around in as possible. Read more

2018 International Truck of the Year Announcement

In Europe, the 2018 International Truck of the Year Announcement has been made today. DAF’s new XF/CF truck range has been elected International Truck of the Year for 2018 by a jury of 23 commercial vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing 23 major trucking magazines from throughout Europe.

The prestigious award was handed over to Preston Feight, President of DAF Trucks, during the press day of the Solutrans Commercial Vehicle Show in Lyon, France. Read more

DAF Looks Good on Saving Fuel

Following the latest release in Europe, Diesel News Europe Correspondent, Brian Weatherley, reckons DAFs look good on saving fuel. He has seen them, and driven them. DAF says its latest CF and XF represent ‘pure excellence’. 

According to Ron Borsboom, DAF’s chief engineer, director of product development and board member: “One of the things where we feel we do a pretty good job is we are close to our customers, and we understand what the requirements and needs of our customers are.” Read more

New Scania, Trucking Optimism, a Major Fine and Electric Axles

The news from Diesel this week shows evidence of a new Scania, trucking optimism, a major fine and electric axles, with stories from around the world.

Images of the next generation Scania driving on Australian roads have started to appear on social media, as the Swedish truck maker run the new models in a, far from secret, evaluation program. 

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Most Successful DAF

The DAF CF85 has been the most successful DAF model brought into Australia in the past twenty years by Paccar. It is also successful for the company in Europe. The size and shape of the truck fit neatly into a lot of intrastate or around-town type applications. The truck is simplicity itself to drive, climb in and out of and get into tight corners – and it doesn’t look bad at all.

The driver position is just right – far enough forward to make every area around the truck visible, with all of the controls are close at hand and easily accessible. The driver sits low in the cabin surrounded by the instruments and controls, with a complete view around them. There’s even a small under-bunk fridge accessible to the left hand from the driver’s seat. Read more

Nothing Too Flashy

The DAF CF85 is one of those trucks that just works – nothing too flashy, but it gets the job done without fuss. This is why we see it in fleets around the country handling the day-to-day tasks. There is no hint of glamour, just a can-do attitude. Anyone who has done a day’s work in one will have found it a truck which functions, as it should, in an uncomplicated way.

By adding in an extra slice of power and taking the rating up to 510hp, DAF has simply made it able to handle heavier tasks in the same way. There has been an ongoing tendency for trucks to get more power year on year – there is now a 4×2 rigid available on the Australian market with 350hp under the shed. The decision to add 510hp to the CF85 seems small beer by comparison. Read more

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