completely new big cabin DAF range is launched

Completely New Big Cabin DAF Range is Launched

The new XF, XG and XG+ are the models being unveiled as the completely new big cabin DAF range is launched. The new trucks are claimed to offer a 10 per cent improved fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features and the next level of luxury in truck design. The New Generation DAF begins production for the European market in October. Read more

heavy duty market share going to European cabover

Heavy Duty Market Share Going to European Cabover

The last few years have seen an increasing heavy duty market share going to European cabover prime movers. That means this is probably just the right time for the Paccar organisation to ensure it has a genuine contender in the part of the market which prefers European trucks. The traditional US dominance is waning and truck buyers are looking for fuel economy and high level safety equipment on board.  Read more

first impressions of the new DAF XF flagship

First Impressions of the new DAF XF Flagship

Climbing up into the truck is a familiar experience, and the first impressions of the new DAF XF flagship remind us that the Europeans seem to match each other in step heights and widths, almost to the millimetre.  Read more

DAF’s great leap forward

DAF’s Great Leap Forward

With this new level of sophistication and in catching up with what is available in Europe, this latest launch can be seen as DAF’s great leap forward into the modern Australian trucking environment. We are no longer as suspicious of all of the latest gadgetry in our trucks and are willing to allow automated systems to do some of the heavy lifting if there is a productivity and safety gain, and there clearly is. Read more

DAF get with the program

DAF Get With The Program

The Australian truck industry has been waiting some time for the point at which DAF get with the program. Diesel has driven the new flagship model, around SE Queensland,  pulling a B-double to find the new DAF range really is right up to date. Read more

the new cab shape is instantly recognisable

The New Cab Shape is Instantly Recognisable

When you see the new CF and XF model range from DAF, the new cab shape is instantly recognisable. The much more rounded profile is clearly much more slippery in the wind than its predecessor. Overall, the aerodynamics are much improved and a new sun visor design has further enhanced air flow. Read more

introducing a step-change in DAF

Introducing a Step-Change in DAF

Paccar in Australia is clearly introducing a step-change in DAF Trucks on offer with this new range, it is talking about at least a 10 per cent improvement in fuel economy, a big call from a normally conservative organisation. Many of the major changes are going to give the brand a much better fuel consumption and the ability to compete on this score with other European brands who have seen considerable growth in market share on the back of much improved fuel figures. Read more

new look, new technology, new DAF

New Look, New Technology, New DAF

With the release of its new range, the new look, new technology, new DAF brings the brand’s technology design and driveline smack up-to-date, on a par with all of its main competitors. Diesel News looks at what is on offer in the new range and gets an early experience of the new product. Read more

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

Surprise Truck Sales Figures Released

The month of April has seen some surprise truck sales figures released as the Covid-19 crisis seems to be having an effect on some truck sales numbers. The latest results released by the Truck Industry Council show a decline in sales numbers, but the months to come will give us a better handle on the real effects of the current crisis. Read more