Zero Carbon Learning Curve

Zero Carbon Learning Curve

The entire trucking industry, as well as truck makers, is on a steep zero emission learning curve as they grapple with the issues around reducing carbon emissions from trucks towards a zero target.
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A Significant Benefit from EBS

EBS, when properly maintained, along with the rest of the braking system, will save a roll-over on that poorly designed roundabout that has caught your unfamiliar driver unaware, there is a significant benefit from EBS. Read More
Disc brake chambers

Disc Brake Chambers 

A vital, but often neglected part of the braking system are the Disc brake chambers. This is because they are reliable and usually replaced as a unit if there are any problems.
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new freight data standard for Australia

The Convergence of All of the Data

As the amount of technology involved with every interaction in the supply chain continues to increase, the need for the convergence of all of the data into a useful tool for road transport businesses becomes even more important. This is the smart way for trucking businesses for the future.
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computing power fitted into a truck

Computing Power Fitted into a Truck

The amount of computing power fitted into a truck as a matter of course has multiplied considerably in recent years. the amount of data flying around in a CANbus on a Euro6 truck is many times greater than that used in its Euro5 predecessor.
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new Eaton Vehicle Group Australia leader

New Eaton Vehicle Group Australia leader

It has been announced that Graeme Weston has been appointed as the new Eaton Vehicle Group Australia leader. He has been named as the new Business Unit Manager for Australia/New Zealand, commencing in the role from October 1, 2020. Read More
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