The future of media: partnerships, not real estate

Optimising value from B2B marketing budgets has never been more important. For marketing managers, this means ensuring that advertising leads to real sales opportunities.

We offer this complimentary guide to the partnership model, which gives advertisers maximum value and accelerates results.

proud to offer the outstanding assets of Speedie Contractors

Owners Retiring, Quality Fleet Keeps Moving

Grays, Australia’s largest marketplace, is proud to offer the outstanding assets of Speedie Contractors, due to the imminent retirement of the owners. Speedie’s is an institution in Queensland, having been in continuous operation for over 60 years. Read more

Diesel’s Fatigue Special Report

Fatigue has been a central and contentious issue in the trucking industry from time immemorial, but now we seem to be in a situation where is it is all change in the fight against fatigue. Are we entering a very different era in the way we look at and control fatigue?

Read more

Battery Selection – Right Battery for the Job – Part 2

Battery Selection – Right Battery for the Job – Part 2

This is the second in a series of three articles by REDARC Electronics, Battery selection – right battery for the job – part 2.

Location location location! Where on the vehicle a battery will be fitted is a key consideration when determining which type of battery will be used.  Read more

do we really want to return to normal?

Emerging From the Covid-19 Crisis Safely

The trucking industry has had to work through the last few months under a lot of pressure caused by this virus emergency, but we should now be looking at how we will go about emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely. Read more

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