Diesel’s Fatigue Special Report

Fatigue has been a central and contentious issue in the trucking industry from time immemorial, but now we seem to be in a situation where is it is all change in the fight against fatigue. Are we entering a very different era in the way we look at and control fatigue?

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Battery Selection – Right Battery for the Job – Part 2

Battery Selection – Right Battery for the Job – Part 2

This is the second in a series of three articles by REDARC Electronics, Battery selection – right battery for the job – part 2.

Location location location! Where on the vehicle a battery will be fitted is a key consideration when determining which type of battery will be used.  Read more

just slow down a bit

Emerging From the Covid-19 Crisis Safely

The trucking industry has had to work through the last few months under a lot of pressure caused by this virus emergency, but we should now be looking at how we will go about emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely. Read more

A 44 year old haulage company is closing their doors and calling on GraysOnline to help

Mackay Haulage Online Auction Live Now!  

GraysOnline are giving customers the opportunity to bid for a range of high-quality assets available due to the dissolution of Mackay Haulage Co. After more than forty years in the business, the directors of Mackay Haulage, Angelo and Sam Sorbello, are retiring. As a result, their entire inventory of haulage equipment is to be auctioned by GraysOnline. The 100% digital auction platform is hosting an unreserved auction from 23rd April, including a wide range of premium haulage equipment.

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