incorrect tyre pressure leads to increased tyre wear

Incorrect Tyre Pressure Leads to Increased Tyre Wear

Most people in the trucking industry know that incorrect tyre pressure leads to increased tyre wear and that tyre pressure and wear are intrinsically linked. What is a surprise to many, is the degree that as little as five-psi difference can make, especially on dual wheel sets.
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stopping tyre fires in trucks

Stopping Tyre Fires in Trucks

The prevalence of wheel end and tyre fires in the statistics tells us this is an issue which should concern any trucking operator, and it is important to look at technology as a way of stopping tyre fires in trucks. 
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covering all of the bases

Covering All of the Bases

Going down the fleet monitoring route requires an operation to commit to the system completely, covering all of the bases, and integrating any telematics system into the entire business. PowerTorque talks to Andy Mickan, National Workshop Manager at Hi-Trans Express about using all of the data created by the truck and trailer assets to improve productivity in the business.
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