dolly prototype will showcase industry innovation

Dolly Prototype Will Showcase Industry Innovation

A trial to measure the performance of an industry converter dolly prototype will showcase industry innovation, demonstrating superior capabilities when compared to other units, writes Bob Woodward, Australian Trucking Association Chief Engineer.
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converter dolly makes waves

Converter Dolly Makes Waves

From proof of concept to national industry recognition, the Australian Trucking Association’s Industry Technical Council Converter Dolly Project has had a significant impact in the trucking industry, this converter dolly makes waves, revolutionising the dolly market, reckons Bob Woodward, Chief Engineer ATA.
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designing trailers and dollies

Designing Trailers and Dollies

Haulmark Trailers originate from Brisbane and have been a stalwart of the trailer building industry, specialising in designing trailers and dollies to put up with the rigours of travelling at high masses and at high speeds on the badly maintained roads of country Queensland. Over the years the company has grown, with a presence across the border in the Northern Territory. Read More
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