shock absorber FAQ

Shock Absorber FAQ

Hydraulic shock absorbers have been in common use for over a century but still produce a lot of enquiries, so here is the Tech Know shock absorber FAQ, from Hendrickson. To help clear up uncertainties, Hendrickson have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help clear up common shock absorber misconceptions.
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assessing shock absorbers for leaks

Assessing Shock Absorbers for Leaks

Repairers and spare parts distributors are sometimes asked to tackle the inspection task of assessing shock absorbers for leaks. On occasion, it is possible to assess and replace shock absorbers that are mistakenly diagnosed as leaking.
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Powerdown launches Enveero

Powerdown Launches Enveero

Australia’s first biodegradable, plant based, environmentally conscious, ultra-high performance shock absorber fluid is now available, as Powerdown launches Enveero.
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