precise information about each individual truck

Precise Information About Each Individual Truck

Systems like IAP are designed so that the authorities who are in control of the roads get precise information about each individual truck within the scheme, on their mass, their position, distance travelled, with full data on the journeys. However, because of its limitations and the expense involved, a relatively low proportion of the industry has taken it up.
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Airtec OBM is the New integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system

Airtec OBM, Integration Partner With The Teletrac Navman System

An announcement today tells us that the Airtec OBM is a new integration partner with the Teletrac Navman system. The new relationship means that the Interim OBM monitoring solution from Teletrac Navaman can be used for compliance purposes supporting the use of Performance Based Standards 2B heavy vehicle combinations on selected routes. 
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the Geotab platform

The Geotab Platform

It is a new name in the Australian telematics market but, in fact, the Geotab platform has been around for over 15 years, and most of that time in Australia, but not under the corporate name. In the past, Geotab equipment was sold by a reseller in this market. The company has now decided to change tack and participate in the market as Geotab
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more intelligent mass monitoring systems available

More Intelligent Mass Monitoring Systems Available

With the announcement this week by Transport Certification Australia that  Airtec Corporation (Airtec) has obtained type-approval for a smart on-board mass (OBM) system, there are now more intelligent mass monitoring systems available to the trucking industry.
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increasing convergence from Seeing Machines

Keeping an Eye on Eye Movements

For Hitrans the subject of fatigue monitoring has become a high priority and it is now keeping an eye on eye movements. As a large national fleet trucks criss-crossing the country in large numbers, the company has trialled and is now fitting Guardian by Seeing Machines systems in all of its trucks. Monitoring behaviour with face and eye tracking, algorithms measure the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and powerful seat vibrations are immediately activated.
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simple safety solutions

Simple Safety Solutions

Despite our love of new technology, there are still simple safety solutions out there. Transport for NSW has released information about a simple innovation from the Pacific Complete team during its work building the final section of the Pacific Highway upgrade in New South Wales.
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over width safety systems

Over Width Safety Systems

A proposal from the National Transport Commission will mean over width safety systems will no longer be included in the vehicle width measurement for compliance purposes.
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monitoring fatigue and distraction

Monitoring Fatigue and Distraction

Many trucking operators are biting the bullet and using technology as a way of monitoring fatigue and distraction and being aware of the road ahead, essentially giving the driver an extra eye that’s watching the road for when they aren’t.
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understanding Side Underrun Protection

Understanding Side Underrun Protection

An effective measure that trucking operators can implement to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users when sharing the road with heavy vehicles is understanding Side Underrun Protection (SUP), devices that reduce the chance of a cyclist or pedestrian falling under the wheels of a truck. Australian Trucking Association Chief Engineer, Bob Woodward, explains some of the issues.
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mass management review process

Mass Management Review Process

With the current Chain of Responsibility landscape, it is imperative that organisations go though a mass management review process for their safety management systems and mass management regime. 
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