random supply of components and materials

Random Supply of Components and Materials

Ankit Mistry has been tasked to solve issues in the random supply of components and materials from the supply chain and unpredicted increases in pricing that makes the maintenance of profitability challenging as Purchasing and Logistics Manager with MaxiTRANS at the Trout River facility at Hallam in Victoria.
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precise information about each individual truck

Precise Information About Each Individual Truck

Systems like IAP are designed so that the authorities who are in control of the roads get precise information about each individual truck within the scheme, on their mass, their position, distance travelled, with full data on the journeys. However, because of its limitations and the expense involved, a relatively low proportion of the industry has taken it up.
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high standard of the raw materials

High Standard of the Raw Materials

As with any quality bullbar product, the high standard of the raw materials used is what sets the scene for every AJ’s bullbar. A tour of the factory reveals quality at every turn, starting with the flat sheets of high-tensile marine grade aluminium that are folded to form the foundation of the bar. 
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lift axle control valve inspection and fault diagnosis

Lift Axle Control Valve, Fault Diagnosis

There are no regular maintenance procedures required for Hendrickson lift axle control valves other than to check operation and serviceability, but the lift axle control valve, fault diagnosis are a vital part of a maintenance regime. 
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to refurb or not to refurb, that is the question

To Refurb or Not to Refurb, That is the Question 

For various reasons some operators are choosing to refurbish older trucks rather than trading them in for new units, but to refurb or not to refurb, that is the question. While this can be a viable exercise, there are pitfalls for the unwary.
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form and function

Form and Function 

Unlike their rudimentary ancestors, today’s bullbars are highly sophisticated components that are designed, built and tested as an integral part of the vehicle, and both form and function are important. Paul Matthei speaks with a manufacturer specialising in prime mover bars.
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looking for resilience

Looking for Resilience

In recent years the team at Blenners Transport has been looking for resilience and looking at drive axle specification. The fleet, based in Tully North Queensland and specialising in  refrigerated transport, especially bananas, has settled on a choice which seems to be working well for this hard working fleet.
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ensuring maximum tyre life

Ensuring Maximum Tyre Life

Correctly aligned wheels on trucks and trailers are paramount to ensuring maximum tyre life and minimum fuel consumption. Straight Wheels Truck Alignment at Rocklea has been helping truck operators keep their rigs running true since 1985.
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