new system, new look OBM

New system, new look OBM

The new AXS SmartOBM unit marks a substantial improvement in functionality, but with the new system, new look OBM, Airtec are also starting to look and work smarter, in a much smaller package. The read out is surrounded by an illuminated ring on which blue will indicate the vehicle is underweight, green for within legal weight, and then red for overweight. 
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an Australian made Smart OBM

An Australian Made Smart OBM

With the new Airtec AXS SmartOBM, made with components from all over the world and assembled in Noosa, Queensland, Airtec moves to an Australian made Smart OBM. In the past, the company had been manufacturing in Singapore.
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next generation OBM

Next Generation OBM

As the regulations and compliance change the equipment used on trucks and trailers to aid productivity and compliance moves forward, PowerTorque talks to Airtec about the next generation OBM. Read More
connected roads are safer roads

Connected Roads are Safer Roads

To increase safety on our roads, we need to utilise all of the technology we have at hand, because connected roads are safer roads, reckons Anthony Laras, National Manager of Transport, Teletrac Navman.
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accurate solution for the requirements of HPFV

Accurate Solution for the Requirements of HPFV

Knorr-Bremse’s customers rely on the company to provide an accurate solution for the requirements of HPFV (High Productivity Freight Vehicles) that don’t just tick a box, but actually deliver an accurate Mass Management system.
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a pioneer in A-double operation

A Pioneer in A-double Operation

The transport of bulk goods from rural areas to the ports has been revolutionised since the adoption of high productivity combinations, and the Woods Group was a pioneer in A-double operation, from the Darling Downs in Queensland to the Port of Brisbane.
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