Target Market for Alternative Power

Target Market for Alternative Power

Looking at the different segments into which zero emission trucks are going to be sold, the obvious target market for alternative power is going to be the urban delivery segment which represents the largest share of new truck sales in Australia.
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a messy middle of uncertainty on zero carbon

A Messy Middle of Uncertainty on Zero Carbon

The fact that zero emission technologies are all new, in development and likely to need serious investment to get up and running and mature for our market, means that there is going to be a messy middle of uncertainty on zero carbon and a long period before the picture clears and the road to low emissions becomes much clearer
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zero emission options are developing

Zero Emission Options are Developing

Even in the Australian truck market, which is some way behind those in Europe, North America and China we can start to get an idea of how zero emission options are developing and how the likely options will roll out.
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providing a mobile charging service

Providing a Mobile Charging Service

There is at least one operation which is out there actually providing a mobile charging service by the side of the road for working electric trucks, right now. Electric trucks are going to become a growing part of the trucking industry, as the drive towards zero emission transport picks up.  Read More
a new brand of electric trucks being built

A New Brand of Electric Trucks Being Built 

Tevva is a new brand of electric trucks being built in the UK in an assembly plant to the the East of London. If its ambitious production targets are anything to go by, it will have outgrown the building by the end of next year reckons PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers.
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getting ready for electrification

Getting Ready for Truck Electrification

The trucking industry will, over the next few years, have to begin making plans about alternative power system and start getting ready for electrification. To find out more PowerTorque went to teh experts and asked JET Charge about some of the electric truck charging FAQs which the company comes across.
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set some aggressive emissions targets

Set Some Aggressive Emissions Targets

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, tells that the UK government has set some aggressive emissions targets, with a ban on diesel trucks below 26 tonnes GVM set to come into force in 2035 (2040 for over 26 tonnes). However, there’s no pressing regulatory need for operators to make the switch from diesel to zero tailpipe emissions. 
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going to higher power systems

Going to Higher Power Systems

Looking at medium and heavy duty electric trucks, the batteries on the trucks get bigger and the operator has to start going to higher power systems which can be provided by DC chargers systems. DC chargers start at around 20kW, but can go as large as you need. There are 600kW DC chargers available in the Australian market if you need them. 
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