‘heat guns’ boost workshop efficiency

‘Heat Guns’ Boost Workshop Efficiency 

The wider availability and increasing affordability of non-contact, infra-red (IR) heat measurement technology, means ‘heat guns’ boost workshop efficiency by helping technicians diagnose braking faults more quickly, and often without the need for brake tear downs. Read More
sharing expertise with others in the industry

Sharing Expertise With Others in the Industry

National Transport Insurance have been running series of webinars giving experts, in various fields associated with the trucking industry, the opportunity of sharing expertise with others in the industry. One such brake professional is Shane Prendergast, a technician at AirBrake Systems.
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Disc brake chambers

Disc Brake Chambers 

A vital, but often neglected part of the braking system are the Disc brake chambers. This is because they are reliable and usually replaced as a unit if there are any problems.
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the TRW brake pad line up

The TRW Brake Pad Line Up

Available through ZF Services Australia, the TRW brake pad line up sets a new standard for commercial vehicle braking, with an expert range transforming the premium end of the replacement aftermarket.
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getting to know your brakes

Getting to Know Your Brakes

Trucks, trailers and buses demand a lot from their brake components as they have to perform in the toughest of applications and it is important for a truck workshop to work hard on getting to know your brakes. 
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Let’s talk about air supply

Let’s Talk About Air Supply

No, we’re not talking about the Australian 80s pop band. Let’s talk about air supply, as the crucial link between the driver’s brake pedal and the trailer braking system. 
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a simple solution to an age-old problem

A Simple Solution to an Age-old Problem

Diesel News’ Tech Know has been talking to Nick Schubert, who runs Schubert Haulage, where he has started using a simple solution to an age-old problem for the last few years and has seen a serious reduction in trailer brake wear.
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disc brake inspection guide

Disc Brake Inspection Guide

While certainly not new, air disc brakes are a quickly growing portion of the heavy vehicle braking systems, this is a disc brake inspection guide covering the basic principles. 
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keeping it safe in brake operations

Keeping it Safe in Brake Operations

For what is such an essential part of a well-maintained and safe vehicle, it is vital to get it right when keeping it safe in brake operations. Bob Woodward, Chief Engineer, Australian Trucking Association, reckons there can often be confusion around brake systems, especially when it comes to mixing brake airlines and park brake operations. 
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