care and consideration is required

Care and Consideration is Required

It’s a difficult thing to get the culture of any business positive, but to get this right in the trucking industry can be even more difficult, this means care and consideration is required throughout the business. Getting it right can bring great benefits, getting it, even slightly wrong and there will be consequences. Read more

the trucking industry isn't quite so bad after all

The Trucking Industry isn’t Quite so Bad After All

The general public and, apparently the Federal Government, have discovered that the trucking industry isn’t quite so bad after all. They also found out that there are some safety issues around the trucking industry and on our roads and it would be a good idea throw some money at it. The amount of spending on road infrastructure can be argued about, but there is definitely more money in the pot than usual. Read more

Even if you are paranoid

Even if You Are Paranoid

A story this week, and not just this one, or just this week, tells us what the media, and a sector of the population, think about us, proving the old saying, ‘Even if you are paranoid, it doesn’t mean they are not out to get you’. The trucking industry is constantly being attacked for no other reason than it is clickbait on websites and gets viewers on rubbish tabloid TV. Read more

there’s nothing like a crisis

There’s Nothing Like a Crisis

As a number of events happening this week have reminded us, there’s nothing like a crisis, for getting real change moving. Even though 2020 has been a pretty disastrous year on many counts, the impetus this crisis may stimulate for change in many areas, may well turn out to be beneficial to our industry in the long run Read more

is it really the end for International?

Is it Really The End For International?

After hearing the sad news that one of the iconic truck brands of Australia may have finally bitten the dust, now is probably a good time to ask the question, is it really the end for International? The answer is, of course, how can you be sure? Read more

a road map for trucking

A Road Map for Trucking

There has been a lot of talk about road maps this week, and this is probably a timely point at which the trucking industry should start looking at a road map for trucking to take us into the brave new post-Covid world. Read more

moving trucking into the 21st century

Moving Trucking into the 21st Century

The moves in parliament to amend the Payment Times Reporting Scheme, which would introduce penalties for big business who continue to pay their bills late, could help in the task of moving trucking into the 21st century. Read more

reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful

A survey published week suggests the Australian trucking industry does have some reasons to be cheerful in these dark times. 2020 has been a disastrous year for many globally coupled with the uncertainty and insecurity of the crisis do, things do tend to spread doom and gloom evenly around all industries. Read more

looking for self esteem

Looking for Self Esteem

We are always looking for this problem or that among the industry’s workforce, but perhaps we should be looking for self esteem among the truck drivers of Australia? Every year the pages of our magazines and websites are filled with stories about industry problems and the search for solutions. Read more

really see what we are made of

Really See What We Are Made Of

There are not many opportunities in life where we can really see what we are made of, but the current crisis around Covid-19 is certainly an opportunity for us as individuals, as an industry and as a nation to test our mettle.  Read more

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