trying to keep up with border regulations

Living in Uncertain Times

Welcome to PowerTorque for a New Year, one which we all hope will be a less stressful than 2020, but we all know we are still living in uncertain times and that the challenges of 2021 are going to be hard enough to create new difficulties for our industry to surmount.

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the maddest time of the year

It’s Been Quite a Year

It surely would be the understatement of understatements, when talking about 2020, to say it’s been quite a year. This has been a year like nothing any of us has ever experienced, and a year we would prefer not to experience again. Read more

relaunching with a new masthead

Relaunching with a New Masthead

Welcome, I expect some of our readers may have noticed that we are relaunching with a new masthead, PowerTorque, and moving away from the Diesel name, both online and in the print magazine. The aim is to bring together the strengths and visibility of the two brands into one stronger and bolder, new entity. Read more

picking the wrong target

Picking the wrong target

Yet again, people from outside the trucking industry looking in have decided that the trucking industry needs to pay more to use Australia’s roads, but, in fact, they are picking the wrong target, if they want to improve the situation on our roads, and with our climate. Read more

it’s been a crazy year

It’s Been a Crazy Year 

I came across some statistics this week which confirm my suspicions about what’s been going on in 2020, and yes, it’s been a crazy year. This is one we are not going to forget anytime soon and is going to influence our thinking for decades to come. Read more

are things getting worse?

Are Things Getting Worse?

In a year like 2020 it becomes easy to start to feel insecure and ask the question, are things getting worse? Unfortunately the answer seems to be that, as of last year, yes, things are getting worse Read more

a long and winding road

A Long and Winding Road

With this morning’s announcement of a couple of electronic work diaries having been passed and certified by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, we have come to the end of a long and winding road through the intricacies of government approval for a safety related device. Read more

finally waking up to fatigue

Finally Waking Up To Fatigue

Something published this week by the Queensland Government, suggests that the people charged with actually building and designing our roads are finally waking up to fatigue. The other side of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland has been on the case for many years, helping develop the first Fatigue Management Program back in the nineties. Read more

there’s always one

There’s Always One

The latest news from Victoria around the Covid-19 issue shows us that there’s always one person who is not going to do the right thing. The question is whether they get caught or not. Read more

will this be a victory for common sense?

Will This be a Victory for Common Sense?

The review of the new Heavy Vehicle National Law seems to have been going on forever, but when we finally see the draft law later this year or early next year, will this be a victory for common sense? Of course, there is also the possibility that it might be one of those Pyrrhic victories, the trucking industry has become used to. Read more

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