they say knowledge is power

They Say Knowledge is Power

The trucking industry does illustrate one of those adages which is universal, we consistently lack any kind of power to influence decisions, because they say knowledge is power. The industry is often unable to move policy in a certain direction because it is unable to quantify the problem, before presenting it to the bean counters.  Read more

complexity on top of complexity

Complexity On Top Of Complexity

Just organising border crossings for freight operators in these difficult times sees complexity on top of complexity mount, with different passes for every state subdivided by rules about what you can and cannot have done in the last 14 days.  Read more

working in isolation with little support

Working in Isolation With Little Support

With the wave of Covid related lockdowns rolling across Australia, many people are all having to work from home, alone, working in isolation with little support. As the lockdowns lengthen there are a number of concerns raised about the effect of this on these home-based workers and their mental health. Read more

the end of the age of dinosaurs

The End of the Age of the Dinosaurs

I was recently involved in a different kond of truck road test, comparing the old with the new, and it brought to mind an industry issue, the end of the age of dinosaurs. Of course not literally dinosaurs, but the moving on of a generation. Read more

they say knowledge is power

Fewer Unknown Unknowns

The announcement this week of some funding ($12.1 million) to improve road assessment of road assets in rural Australia is not a solution, it just means there will be a few fewer unknown unknowns. Read more

one country, eight systems

One Country, Eight Systems

This is a subject I tackled last week in this column, but when I came across the phrase ‘one country, eight systems’ it was too good a line to let slip by without giving it a run. Read more

cross border craziness continues

Cross Border Craziness Continues

With the latest outbreaks of coronavirus, we see more examples as the cross border craziness continues. This is an issue which has dogged the trucking industry for many years. When every state in Australia has a different rule and uses different criteria, the people of Australia get annoyed and angry, but the trucking industry has had to put up with this situation for many years. Read more

we need an apprenticeship now

Taking Your Life In Your Hands

It is regarded as a traumatic event and not one you would do every day, but we all understand what the concept of taking your life in your hands means. However, a couple of stories in this week’s PowerTorque newsletter bring a simple fact to light, one which we sometimes lose sight of. Read more

back in a big crowd of trucking folk

Back in a Big Crowd of Trucking Folk

Wandering around at the Brisbane Truck Show and wondering why it felt so good to be back in a big crowd of trucking folk, I realised that it’s a culture thing. The trucking industry is more than a profession, more than an industry sector, there’s a deeper connection there for those of us who have been involved in it for some time, this is the culture in which we live and which we enjoy. Read more

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