how much disruption do you need?

How Much Disruption Do You Need?

It is strange how certain buzz words come into our lives, but change their meaning or implications over time, and one of those words is disruption, but for many this year the question is just how much disruption do you need? Read more

we need an apprenticeship now

We Need an Apprenticeship Now

This week the government has announced the release of a consultation paper on a plan to introduce truck driving apprenticeships, but we need an apprenticeship now.  Read more

radical changes for the trucking industry

Radical Changes for the Trucking Industry

The old Chinese saying, ‘may you live in interesting times’ is not actually Chinese, but it does refer to the current situation, with radical changes for the trucking industry happening now and bearing down on us in the future. However, if there is one industry in Australia which can cope with this, it’s trucking. Read more

we need a plan for a plan

We Need a Plan For a Plan

The trucking industry fails to talk with one voice and most of the time, the debate is lost because of the disparate messaging, we need a plan for a plan. Things are complicated, but the trucking industry needs a single clear plan to go forward. Read more

losing the Covid plot completely

Losing the Covid Plot Completely

The crisis around the Covid-19 situation becomes more and more fraught as time goes on, we need to try and get some rationality here, before we end up losing the Covid plot completely. Each state border sets us a different set of tasks, while the trucking industry is being hamstrung by a distinct lack of clarity on the part of those setting the rules. Read more

from hero to zero

From Hero to Zero

Events in the next week may undo a lot of the good work done by the trucking industry, and the planned disruption may see truckies going from hero to zero in just a matter of days. Read more

invisible border problems

Invisible Border Problems

In normal times, the trucking industry suffers from invisible border problems, but now with lock downs and border closures affecting everyone, the ridiculous problems created by the federal and state system are plain for all to see. Read more

keep hold of our higher status

Keep Hold of Our Higher Status

Over the past 18 months or so, the Australian community has come to realise that when the proverbial hits the fan, the trucking industry will step in to the save the day, the problem, going forward, will be to keep hold of our higher status. Read more

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