getting the word out there

Getting the Word Out There

The trucking industry, as a whole, is notoriously bad at getting the word out there, and it continues to be a problem trucking needs to confront. However, this week we have seen some real cut-through for the trucking industry with stories appearing in the Fairfax press and online. Read more

confusion when buying into an EWD

Confusion When Buying Into an EWD

There’s a lot of development going on in the Electronic Work Diary space and with all the publications and advertising on EWD’s, it would be natural to experience some confusion when buying into an EWD platform.  Read more

close contact is required

Close Contact is Required

The last two years have seen very few opportunities for the trucking industry and those dealing with the industry to get together with some close person to person communication, and this is an industry where close contact is required, an industry whose culture is based on a series of personal contacts. Read more

lurching from crisis to crisis

Lurching From Crisis to Crisis

The climb up out of the hole dug for us by the pandemic is going to be long and hard, there is still going to be plenty of lurching from crisis to crisis before there is anything approximating to normality in the situation.  Read more

looking for big spending promises

Looking for Big Spending Promises

Like every interested group in the run-up to a federal election we are all looking for big spending promises from the next potential government to throw some cash in our direction, in return for our support over the next few weeks in the run-up to May 21. Read more

parking bay promises

Parking Bay Promises

Well, there’s a turn up for the books, politicians are making parking bay promises as part of the federal election campaign. According to a release put out by Senator Glenn Sterle and Shadow Minister Catherine King this week, there’s $80 million planned to be spent on improving parking bays for trucks in any budget, if Anthony Albanese gets up as Prime Minister in the upcoming election. Read more

resilience, resilience and resilience

Resilience, Resilience and Resilience

There are a few attributes needed to work in the trucking industry and succeed, and the main ones are resilience, resilience and resilience. No matter what gets thrown at you, you have to take it on board, recover, make some firm decisions and then carry on. Read more

taking a toll

Taking a Toll

There are a lot of aspects and meanings to the term, taking a toll, but the last two years must have definitely taken a toll on just about everyone in the trucking industry. Read more

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