cross border craziness continues

Cross Border Craziness Continues

With the latest outbreaks of coronavirus, we see more examples as the cross border craziness continues. This is an issue which has dogged the trucking industry for many years. When every state in Australia has a different rule and uses different criteria, the people of Australia get annoyed and angry, but the trucking industry has had to put up with this situation for many years. Read more

taking your life in your hands

Taking Your Life In Your Hands

It is regarded as a traumatic event and not one you would do every day, but we all understand what the concept of taking your life in your hands means. However, a couple of stories in this week’s PowerTorque newsletter bring a simple fact to light, one which we sometimes lose sight of. Read more

back in a big crowd of trucking folk

Back in a Big Crowd of Trucking Folk

Wandering around at the Brisbane Truck Show and wondering why it felt so good to be back in a big crowd of trucking folk, I realised that it’s a culture thing. The trucking industry is more than a profession, more than an industry sector, there’s a deeper connection there for those of us who have been involved in it for some time, this is the culture in which we live and which we enjoy. Read more

back to the future for the trucking industry

Back to the Future For The Trucking Industry

With the Victorian Government announcing a seven day lock down and toilet rolls flying off the supermarket shelves, it’s going to be back to the future for the trucking industry again for the next few weeks. Truckies once again become part of an essential service and need to keep the country moving as the clamp down tries to put a lid on Covid infections. Read more

quantifying and investigating truck accidents

Quantifying and Investigating Truck Accidents

There are quite a few issues around quantifying and investigating truck accidents, some due to the vagaries of our adversarial ‘fed vs state’ system and others due to a lack of a real political will on the part of the authorities to tackle the truck trauma debate. Read more

productivity, productivity, productivity

Productivity, Productivity, Productivity

This week we have heard a lot about budgetary changes and incentives supposed to improve the lot of the trucking industry, but this still leaves the very large elephant in the room: productivity, productivity, productivity. Read more

teaching an old dog new tricks

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

If there’s one thing I know about teaching an old dog new tricks, it is that it takes a lot of time and patience. It can be a long hard slog and it still only works in a hit and miss fashion. Read more

truck driving skills are needed

Truck Driving Skills Are Needed

It has always been difficult to explain to someone outside the industry exactly what truck driving skills are needed to get the job done properly. There is so much about the job which is invisible from the outside. Read more

the cost of Covid for trucking

The Cost of Covid for Trucking

While I was collating the truck sales data for PowerTorque’s story about global truck sales, I came across data about the cost of Covid for trucking in Africa. The figures quoted by Charleen Clarke of Focus on Transport and Logistics magazine from South Africa, made me realise just how lucky we have been in dodging the bullet (so far, to a certain extent) from the pandemic. Read more