Get the Zero Emissions Ball Rolling

Get the Zero Emissions Ball Rolling

This week NatRoad has called for the creation of a Clean Transport Fund of $3.5 billion, which points the way towards an initiative which would see the government get the zero emissions ball rolling for road transport.
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Fix Our Rural Roads

It’s not just the trucking industry in Australia which is telling the government that we need to fix our rural roads, there is now a report has been released this week by the Grattan Institute saying exactly what the trucking industry of Australia has been saying for many years, that the rural roads in Australia are not up to the job. Read More
what chain of responsibility?

What Chain of Responsibility?

Looking back over the past five years, the trucking industry will have read the industry news each week, from PowerTorque of course, and one of the questions which will have comes to mind is, what chain of responsibility? 
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last minute and chaotic

Last Minute and Chaotic

A constant refrain from people in the road transport industry is that there is no clear strategic plan on most of the topics, which concern the development of the trucking industry into the future, planning seems to always be last minute and chaotic.
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who or what’s on trial here?

Who or What’s on Trial?

With the announcement of the increased axle weights on low emission trucks as part of trials in New South Wales and South Australia, with other states looking to follow, it poses the question, who or what’s on trial here?
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thinking outside the box

Thinking Outside the Box

The next couple of decades are going to require that the Australian trucking industry has to do some serious thinking outside the box.
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getting ready for change

Getting Ready for Change

Attending the partner lunch which kicks off the NatRoad conference every year, yesterday, I was struck by the words of the guest speaker at the event who took his audience through the  process of getting ready for change. He went through the implications and capabilities of artificial intelligence, heading into the future, and showed us just how powerful this is as a tool.
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government at a snail’s pace

Government at a Snail’s Pace

We know the wheels of government turn exceedingly slow, but the Heavy Vehicle National Law process must be one of those which takes the biscuit, it’s government at a snail’s pace.
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