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Emerging From the Covid-19 Crisis Safely

The trucking industry has had to work through the last few months under a lot of pressure caused by this virus emergency, but we should now be looking at how we will go about emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely. Read more

Russell Transport’s heavy haulage operation

Russell Transport’s Heavy Haulage Operation

Keep on learning is the mantra for the man behind the wheel of Russell Transport’s heavy haulage operation, both operationally and literally, Shane Rachow. His time is divided between organising loads and gaining route permits in addition to loading, unloading and driving the trucks.  Read more

charges based on market power

Charges Based on Market Power

With Sydney stevedores still charging each truck into the port an ‘Infrastructure Charge’ as a well as time slot fees and empty container return fees, businesses like PJG Transport are having to deal with what are, charges based on market power. Each movement at the port ends up costing the client over $130 every time a box is collected.  Read more

Getting the trucks looking right

Getting the Trucks Looking Right

“Getting the trucks looking right was the plan from day one,” says Mick Colley, owner of Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport. “We sign wrote the first one and we started to get calls from that. I was talking to a sales manager at one of the big operators and they said they had seen my trucks everywhere. I said ‘oh yeah’, later they asked how many trucks I had, and told them ‘one’. Read more

is Toll up for sale?

Is Toll Up For Sale?

Reports in the Australian Financial Review’s Street Talk column are asking the question, is Toll up for sale? The reports suggest Japan Post are looking for an entity that may be interested in investing in the Australian logistic giant, to enable it to extricate itself from its current position. Read more

Sydney container coverage

Sydney Container Coverage

Although it mainly concentrates on Sydney container coverage, some of the longest runs PJG Transport handles are to Melbourne, with containers for fumigation. The trucks are more normally running around the Sydney region as well as heading out of the city as far as Taree, Newcastle, Dubbo and Canberra.  Read more

increasing productivity with SPECTS

Increasing Productivity with SPECTS 

Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport are increasing productivity with SPECTS, pioneering using Transport for NSW’s Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme, known as SPECTS. The system has been devised to enable operators to be able to run new combinations without having to add the Intelligent Access Program to their trucks. Read more

ongoing success of Russell Transport

Ongoing Success of Russell Transport

One of the key factors in the ongoing success of Russell Transport in Queensland is the diversity of its operations. Diesel News speaks with Shane Rachow, Supervisor of the company’s Heavy Haulage division, to find out what makes this highly specialised operation tick. Read more

up and down the supply chain

Up and Down the Supply Chain

Collection and delivery points are many and varied in the livestock game as trucks are involved up and down the supply chain. The basic loading set up at a cattle property, as well as the loading and unloading facilities in sale yards and abattoirs are an ongoing concern. Read more