ensuring compliance throughout the business

Ensuring Compliance Throughout the Business

Compliance has become a very large part of many trucking businesses and this can make it even more complicated, when ensuring compliance throughout the business, in the livestock transport sector with the addition of animal welfare concerns on top of those relevant to any other trucking operation. Read more

efficient and innovative distribution

Efficient and Innovative Distribution

The local economy in regional towns like Bendigo needs an efficient and innovative distribution set-up in order for local businesses to thrive, get supplies from the city and distribute their goods locally and into the large centres of population.  Read more

1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads

1,260,000km While Still Wearing its Original Brake Pads 

Nick Apostolovski’s 2012 Scania R 560 which formerly did the fish run between Melbourne and Sydney has notched 1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads with plenty of life remaining. Nick, with the help of his wife, Daniela, runs a diverse haulage business called NAD Transport. 

Read more

a freight hub for more far flung towns

A Freight Hub For More Far Flung Towns

Bendigo serves as a freight hub for more far flung towns like Swan Hill, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Rochester and Echuca and all the areas in between. The freight coming into Bendigo, for distribution in the city and further afield is many and varied, as is the freight coming in from those areas for onward shipment into the capital city. Read more

diverse multi-trailer container carting

Diverse Multi-Trailer Container Carting 

Having successfully operated a number of V8-engined Scanias over the years, a Melbourne-based operator is now finding the six-cylinder Scania G 500 and R 500 New Truck Generation (NTG) prime movers ideal for a diverse multi-trailer container carting and line haul fridge van operation. The never-ending quest for improved fuel efficiency provides the six-pack powertrain with a compelling case. Read more

a truck fit for purpose

A Truck Fit For Purpose

No matter what the freight task one of the most important things is to use a truck fit for purpose. Diesel News finds a company distributing fitness equipment has found exactly that. Read more

BevChain is taking on 90 UD Quon

BevChain is Taking on 90 UD Quon

In an announcement by Linfox Logistics, it has revealed that its bespoke beverage logistics brand, BevChain is taking on 90 UD Quon. The operation has invested in a fleet of more than 90 UD Trucks Quon CD 25 360.  Read more

bigger trucking operators are talking to smaller companies

Bigger Trucking Operators are Talking to Smaller Companies

Small operators are beginning to see some of the bigger trucking operators are talking to smaller companies about hauling their product. Jono DePaoli is based in Leeton, and his operation, JDP Logistics, has carved out a niche for itself hauling local produce out of the area to the capital cities, mainly Melbourne and Sydney, plus occasionally Brisbane. Read more

Power’s supply chain for Bendigo

Power’s Supply Chain for Bendigo

Regional towns and cities depend on highly flexible and proactive local distribution operations to keep the local economy moving forward Diesel  News looks at Power’s supply chain for Bendigo. The issues in around regional distribution in Australia are meat and drink for Power’s Country Express. Read more

1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads

Is There a Place for 500hp Engines?

With many current multi-trailer prime movers sporting 550 or 600hp ratings, in this market segment is there a place for 500hp engines? Diesel News’ Paul Matthei answers the question. Read more