able to carry a wide variety of loads

Able to Carry a Wide Variety of Loads

As a single float operator, Mount Gambier based Winterfields Float Hire needs a heavy haulage unit that is sufficiently versatile to be able to carry a wide variety of loads. Diesel spoke with the company’s owner, Matty Winterfield. Read more

no stranger to operating trucks

No Stranger to Operating Trucks

Andrew James is no stranger to operating trucks, having been an owner-driver for 30 years and also having founded a company called North East Tilt Tray Hire about 20 years ago. The business boomed for a good few years with a national plant equipment hire company providing the bulk of the work, but that all changed virtually overnight, forcing Andrew to seek out other opportunities. Read more

not too difficult to transport

Not Too Difficult to Transport

While to the uninitiated pine posts strapped into bundles might be thought of as being not too difficult to transport, Andrew James says a number of factors conspire to make life difficult for the transporter, including settling of the load during transit, the deteriorating condition of country roads and the fact that the strapping holding the bundles together doesn’t always hold out until the destination is reached. Read more

a tricky load to handle and secure

A Tricky Load to Handle and Secure

One of the distinct characteristics of owner-drivers and small fleet operators is their ability adapt to a tricky load to handle and secure. They are inventive in responding swiftly to changing conditions, be they market or equipment-based changes, and modify their operations accordingly.  Read more

solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business

Solid Foundation For a Tipper and Tanker Business

Servicing the needs of farmers in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Jamie and Kelly Belfield are building a solid foundation for a tipper and tanker business. Theirs is an operation consisting of two prime movers, a number of steel and aluminium tippers as well as tankers used to cart liquid fertiliser. During the busy periods of sowing and harvest, the company engages up to four subcontractors to manage the workload.  Read more

customers are looking for good service levels

Customers are Looking for Good Service Levels

According to Grant Albinus, owner of KGB Transport, his customers are looking for good service levels. He has found that his business reputation has grown from doing the right thing, arriving on time and keeping the customer fully informed.  Read more

infrastructure spending in the Federal Budget welcomed

Having a Personal Touch with Customers

Jamie and Kelly Belfield run a tight ship servicing the needs of farmers in the Great Southern region of Western Australia and have found that having a personal touch with customers has helped develop a thriving business. They talk to Diesel News’ Paul Matthei. Read more

trucking operators using a Hyundai Xcient

Trucking Operators Using a Hyundai Xcient

Steve Young is one of the few Australian trucking operators using a Hyundai Xcient prime mover. Steve Young and his Hyundai Xcient prime mover in Toowoomba just after he had delivered a load of timber to the local Bunnings. Steve’s business is all about hauling fencing materials for a large timber wholesaler Future Wholesale Timber based in Meadowbrook in Brisbane’s South. The major customer requiring timber for delivery are the Bunnings Warehouses dotted around SE Queensland. Read more

choosing a trailer to get the best access outcomes

Choosing a Trailer to Get the Best Access Outcomes

Based in Inverell, New South Wales, Grant Albinus, of KGB Transport, has leant from experience about the subject of choosing a trailer to get the best access outcomes. He spends most of his working life hauling grain from his local area into Brisbane, Queensland, and returning to northern NSW with fertiliser.  Read more

road charging change will come

Road Charging Change Will Come

The trucking industry can be in no doubt that a road charging change will come. Federal Government departments have been pushing for it for nearly twenty years and the fact that the technology to monitor mass/distance/location charging has become so much more affordable makes its introduction virtually unavoidable. Read more