choosing a trailer to get the best access outcomes

Choosing a Trailer to Get the Best Access Outcomes

Based in Inverell, New South Wales, Grant Albinus, of KGB Transport, has leant from experience about the subject of choosing a trailer to get the best access outcomes. He spends most of his working life hauling grain from his local area into Brisbane, Queensland, and returning to northern NSW with fertiliser.  Read more

road charging change will come

Road Charging Change Will Come

The trucking industry can be in no doubt that a road charging change will come. Federal Government departments have been pushing for it for nearly twenty years and the fact that the technology to monitor mass/distance/location charging has become so much more affordable makes its introduction virtually unavoidable. Read more

the right truck for the job

The Right Truck for the Job

There are not that many Hyundai prime movers on the roads in Australia, but Steve Young reckons he has found the right truck for the job with his Xcient prime mover. Diesel spoke to Steve and asked him about his operation and how the new truck is performing. Read more

trailers to maximise productivity

Trailers to Maximise Productivity

Grant Albinus has a set up on his trailers to maximise productivity. KGB Transport, based in Inverell NSW, has used a sliding lead trailer, which can function as the lead trailer on a B-double or an A-double. However, the process in changing over the two types of combination can be tricky. Read more

family owned and operated transport business

Family Owned and Operated Transport Business

Mick De Winter and his wife Michelle started IWS Haulage in 1995 and, while small, this family owned and operated transport business does well in the supply of wholesale sand and landscape products, including regular sub‐contracting work for Holcim.  Read more

versatility is key in rural transport

Versatility is Key in Rural Transport

J&K Belfield based at Albany in Western Australia epitomises the quintessential small regional trucking enterprise and is a prime example of the principle that versatility is key in rural transport. As part of a network comprising hundreds of other similar outfits across the country, it is operators like these that form the backbone of the rural trucking effort in Australia, Paul Matthei digs deep for Diesel News to find out more. Read more

grain haulage and A-doubles

Grain Haulage and A-Doubles

The complex rules around where particular combinations can and cannot and this hasbeen an issue for grain haulage and A-doubles. However, this NSW operator has found a happy medium, choosing a combination which retains the right level of flexibility. Read more

tipper business among the sugar cane

Tipper Business Among the Sugar Cane

Mick and Michelle De Winter run a small landscaping and tipper business among the sugar cane in the quiet backwater of Jacobs Well in the middle of a large sugar cane growing area of the Gold Coast. Read more

keep the highly specialised fleet in order

Keep the Highly Specialised Fleet in Order

Diesel News speaks with Shane Rachow, Supervisor of the Russell Transport’s Heavy Haulage division, to find out what makes this operation tick and how the team keep the highly specialised fleet in order. Read more