family owned and operated transport business

Family Owned and Operated Transport Business

Mick De Winter and his wife Michelle started IWS Haulage in 1995 and, while small, this family owned and operated transport business does well in the supply of wholesale sand and landscape products, including regular sub‐contracting work for Holcim.  Read more

versatility is key in rural transport

Versatility is Key in Rural Transport

J&K Belfield based at Albany in Western Australia epitomises the quintessential small regional trucking enterprise and is a prime example of the principle that versatility is key in rural transport. As part of a network comprising hundreds of other similar outfits across the country, it is operators like these that form the backbone of the rural trucking effort in Australia, Paul Matthei digs deep for Diesel News to find out more. Read more

grain haulage and A-doubles

Grain Haulage and A-Doubles

The complex rules around where particular combinations can and cannot and this hasbeen an issue for grain haulage and A-doubles. However, this NSW operator has found a happy medium, choosing a combination which retains the right level of flexibility. Read more

tipper business among the sugar cane

Tipper Business Among the Sugar Cane

Mick and Michelle De Winter run a small landscaping and tipper business among the sugar cane in the quiet backwater of Jacobs Well in the middle of a large sugar cane growing area of the Gold Coast. Read more

keep the highly specialised fleet in order

Keep the Highly Specialised Fleet in Order

Diesel News speaks with Shane Rachow, Supervisor of the Russell Transport’s Heavy Haulage division, to find out what makes this operation tick and how the team keep the highly specialised fleet in order. Read more

the ups and downs of supply and demand in container transport

Ups and Downs of Supply and Demand in Containers

In the three years since the current business came together, through the ups and downs of supply and demand in containers, PJG Transport has gone to nine trucks and 30 trailers. The fleet consists of four Scanias, two Hinos, a Mercedes Benz, a UD and a smaller rigid Fuso. The PJG operation now employs six office staff.  Read more

a specialised vehicle transportation service

A Specialised Vehicle Transportation Service 

Based in Southern Sydney, Select Tilt Tray Group provides a specialised vehicle transportation service for a number of customers including Toyota industrial equipment. Diesel News’ Paul Matthei looks at a company which depends on a fleet of Hino trucks to ensure the ongoing requirements of hard-won clients are met on time, every time. Read more

emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely

Emerging From the Covid-19 Crisis Safely

The trucking industry has had to work through the last few months under a lot of pressure caused by this virus emergency, but we should now be looking at how we will go about emerging from the Covid-19 crisis safely. Read more

Russell Transport’s heavy haulage operation

Russell Transport’s Heavy Haulage Operation

Keep on learning is the mantra for the man behind the wheel of Russell Transport’s heavy haulage operation, both operationally and literally, Shane Rachow. His time is divided between organising loads and gaining route permits in addition to loading, unloading and driving the trucks.  Read more

charges based on market power

Charges Based on Market Power

With Sydney stevedores still charging each truck into the port an ‘Infrastructure Charge’ as a well as time slot fees and empty container return fees, businesses like PJG Transport are having to deal with what are, charges based on market power. Each movement at the port ends up costing the client over $130 every time a box is collected.  Read more