an opportunity to start their own business

An Opportunity to Start Their Own Business

When an opportunity to start their own business arose in 1979, both Dave and Kev Murada had completed mechanical apprenticeships, Kev as a fitter in a coal mine and Dave a mechanic at truck and car dealer Dwyers at Wollongong, after they left school.  Read more

supporting rural trucking

Spider Wheels, Mechanical Suspension and Engines

Having the latest and greatest in trucking technology is not a high priority for Steven and Kate Thurston, who operate Thurston’s Transport in Walgett NSW and prefer the old school components like spider wheels, mechanical suspension and engines.  Read more

running a tight ship

Running a Tight Ship

Brisbane based container carrying company DNV Transport manages a fleet of 14 trucks and PowerTorque’s Paul Matthei met a hard working couple, who are running a tight ship, with a fleet including one of a limited edition of 100 units built in Australia to celebrate Mack’s 100th anniversary. Read more

growing up around heavy machinery

Growing Up Around Heavy Machinery

The Murada brothers loved growing up around heavy machinery as their father operated an earthmoving business which included three bulldozers, a prime mover and a float used to shift the machinery from job to job.  Read more

bulldog to the bone

Bulldog to the Bone

Asked about his penchant for Mack trucks, Steven Thurston, who, with his wife Kate operates Thurston’s Transport says the B-Model that his father bought second-hand in 1970, and that he has recently restored back to its original glory, probably had a fair bit to do with him being bulldog to the bone.  Read more

traditional values of trust, loyalty and reliability

Traditional Values of Trust, Loyalty and Reliability

Based at Walgett and serving the north west NSW farming community, Steven and Kate Thurston operate Thurston’s Transport on the traditional values of trust, loyalty and reliability. As Paul Matthei discovered, these same values correlate with the trucks they operate, all of which belong 100 per cent to the Bulldog brigade.  Read more

starting out with a pair of Louisvilles

Starting Out With a Pair of Louisvilles

Over the years a number of brands have populated the Metal Transport Industries fleet with three brothers starting out with a pair of Louisvilles and a pair of Kenworth W-model prime movers. Read more

Supertruckers in the UK

Supertruckers in the UK

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, met with TV’s Supertruckers in the UK when he visited the family-run heavy haulier Kings Heavy Haulage, located in Avonmouth, just outside of Bristol in the south west of England. Read more

hauling scrap metal for BHP

Hauling Scrap Metal for BHP

In 1979 brothers Kevin, David and Peter Murada started a trucking business, Metal Transport Industries, hauling scrap metal for BHP at Wollongong. Having started with four trucks, the company has grown and diversified over the years to include heavy haulage and oversize work, Paul Matthei reports. Read more