sixty years and counting

Sixty Years and Counting

The backbone of the trucking industry was formed by the many major regional operators, which were founded from the fifties through to the seventies, for many of those businesses it’s sixty years and counting. They built their brand and their fleets when the going was tough but the rewards were good enough to invest in growth.
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the centre of gravity is moving constantly

The Centre of Gravity is Moving Constantly

The issue in all tanker trailers is that the centre of gravity is moving constantly in the barrels and that does have a detrimental effect on stability. Experienced drivers learn though experience just how to handle the three trailer and any movement or sway which eventuates.
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hydrogen ICE is in Blenners' sights

Hydrogen ICE is in Blenners’ Sights

Les Blennerhassett sees Cummins’ much-discussed hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine currently under development as a strong contender, looking to the future, hydrogen ICE is in Blenners’ sights.
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contrasting the ancient and modern

Contrasting the Ancient and Modern

Two very different trucks to be seen sitting in Campeys of Selby’s yard in North Yorkshire serve as an illustration contrasting the ancient and modern UK trucking industry.
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finding talent

Finding Talent

The Emerald Carrying Company business uses over 100 trucks and employs over 200 drivers, but the family-owned business struggles, like most transport businesses, when it comes to finding talent. 
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quest to drive down CO2 emissions

Quest to Drive Down CO2 Emissions

Campeys of Selby in North Yorkshire wanted to go down the gas route in its quest to drive down CO2 emissions and the company’s young boss, Harry Campey told PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers the tale. 
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pushing the envelope on trucks

Pushing the Envelope on Trucks

The longest runs with fuel for the Emerald Carrying Company Townsville depot are those where the highest productivity vehicles are needed and ECC have been pushing the envelope on trucks running out of this depot to achieve those gains. 
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day in day out to keep commodities moving

Day In Day Out to Keep Commodities Moving

Trucking and logistics are the backbone of Australia, working day in day out to keep commodities moving so that Australians have access to goods and resources, and sole trader, Jack Singh runs his business, iTruck, as a subcontractor to Allied Express.
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powering into the future

Powering into the Future

For a fleet that hauls up to 300,000 cartons of bananas a week out of north Queensland and has a monthly fuel bill of $3.5 million, powering into the future is obviously high on the agenda of Blenners Transport.
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