road transport workhorse

Road Transport Workhorse

The example of the Cascadia driven by PowerTorque in a road test is the truck which will be used by many fleets as the road transport workhorse, as it plies its trade on Australia’s highways. This is the day cab Cascadia 116, fitted with the Detroit DD16 engine rated at 505 hp (377 kW) and putting out 2508Nm (1850 ft lb) of torque. The transmission is the Detroit DT12 AMT, although traditionalists can opt for a manual RoadRanger gearbox if they so desire. Read more

test driving a truck like the Actros

Test Driving a Truck Like the Actros

From the driver’s point of view, it’s simply a matter of making sure they know what all the buttons on the dashboard do, when test driving a truck like the Actros. Then it’s a matter of working out how to set it up correctly before setting off down the road. It is possible to drive this model in a semi-autonomous way. Much of the time on long runs all the driver has to do is steer the truck and keep an eye out. The automated systems do the rest. Read more

the 2020 effect

The 2020 Effect

The Australian truck market has been knocked back, but not too much, by the 2020 effect. The latest truck sales figures show that, overall, the number of trucks sold on the Australian market will be lower than the last few years but better than 2016 levels. Read more

stirring up a hornet’s nest

A Big Personality Awarded

The presentation of the Personality of the Year Award at the 2020 Australian Freight Industry Awards saw a big personality awarded for all of the achievements of a long career in the transport industry. The AFIA event was a 90-minute virtual awards presentation broadcast from The Pullman hotel in Melbourne. Read more

using the internet of things to find trucks and freight

Using the Internet of Things to Find Trucks and Freight

As the world of telematics, asset tracking and supply chain transparency becomes more complex, a new partnership between HERE Technologies and Actility will bring together a system using the internet of things to find trucks and freight, to enable better visibility of where things are in the supply chain. Read more