Detroit Assurance 5.0 is part of the package

Detroit Assurance 5.0 is Part of the Package

The release of the Western Star 49X in the US sees the brand bring all of the latest technology from the Daimler group into the design of this one truck, for example, Detroit Assurance 5.0 is part of the package. Read more

is hydrogen the future of long haul trucking?

Is Hydrogen the Future of Long Haul Trucking?

As the world becomes more interested in low emission electric vehicles, the problems around long distance freight are leading major corporations around the world to ask, is hydrogen the future of long haul trucking? Hyundai reckons it has the answer.

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a new start for Iveco

A New Start for Iveco

With the arrival of Michael May as its new Managing Director, there is the possibility of a new start for Iveco. This is a welcome change for the Australian operation, which has had a turbulent few years, and in light of the corporate changes to the global organisation. Tim Giles talks with Michael May, now that he has settled into the job. Read more

Linfox’s electric truck

Linfox’s Electric Truck

The first Volvo FL Electric in Australia will be fitted with an eight-pallet body and tailgate lift and will be Linfox’s electric truck, evaluated while undertaking metropolitan deliveries within BevChain, the road transport operation’s beverage logistics business.  Read more

automatic transmission has grown in popularity

Automatic Transmission has Grown in Popularity 

The Allison automatic transmission has grown in popularity all the way across the light duty and medium duty sector of the truck market in recent years. The introduction of an Allison option has taken the Hyundai Mighty to new heights, with the truck now able to compete toe-to-toe with its strong Japanese competition. Read more

safety systems come grouped together

Safety Systems Come Grouped Together

In the Freightliner Cascadia, all of the safety systems come grouped together under the appellation of Detroit Assurance 5.0. This includes all of the usual fruit we have come to expect out of the top of the range Daimler trucks, there is Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent high beam et al. Read more

strong sales though the pandemic

Strong Sales Through the Pandemic

The latest figures, released this week by the Truck Industry Council, tell us that 2020 saw strong sales though the pandemic, as the demand for many road transport services pushed demand for new trucks, in certain sectors. Read more

ideal B-double prime mover from Benz

Ideal B-double Prime Mover from Benz

The truck on test is probably the ideal B-double prime mover from Benz. It is an Actros 2663 with the StreamSpace cabin, which includes a flat floor. In fact, this particular cabin is laid out in the SoloStar configuration, which Mercedes-Benz have introduced as an option, but not many truck buyers have shown a lot of interest. Read more