hydrogen powered truck innovation

Hydrogen Powered Truck Innovation

The current development program by Hyundai Trucks, in terms of hydrogen powered truck innovation is looking to develop a new fuel cell stack which is capable of producing 200 kW of power, and then fitting two of these in each truck. This produces a final power output of 350 kW of power altogether, which equates to 475 hp. This would be plenty of power for the part of the truck market in which Hyundai currently plays. Read more

International Trucks will become part of the Volkswagen empire

International Will Become Part of the Volkswagen Empire

The decision this week by shareholders in Navistar means that International will become part of the Volkswagen empire. The decision sees the Traton Group, which includes Scania, MAN and Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle arm, becoming a global truck manufacturer with its manufacturing and market penetration now including North America, the one piece of the jigsaw missing, until now. Read more

truck restoration up for grabs

Truck Restoration Up For Grabs

 An electric blue 1946 Jailbar truck is the latest truck restoration up for grabs from transport and logistics specialist insurer, NTI, and the fourth raffled off to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research.  Read more

where to with the Acco?

Where To With The Acco?

The Iveco organisation has had at its disposal some good trucks with good reputations, the strongest of which was the Acco, which is still a strong seller in vocational applications, but where to with the Acco? The Iveco brand has also developed a strong range of trucks from the European market and had access to product coming out of the International brand in the US. Read more

Isuzu pulling out of the show

Isuzu Pulling Out Of The Show

The latest blow for BTS21 sees Isuzu pulling out of the show, as it announced the company’s decision to withdraw from the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show. Read more

the rational Anthem

The Rational Anthem

The latest release from Mack Trucks gives trucking operators access to all of the latest technology, but in a package which hits all of the right notes for the traditional Mack truck owner, it’s the rational Anthem.  Read more

major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced

Major Daimler Trucks Deal With Cummins is Announced

This week sees more repositioning in the face of growing interest in alternatives to traditional diesel power as a major Daimler Trucks deal with Cummins is announced. The global truck maker and the largest independent engine manufacturer, Cummins have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a global strategic partnership for medium-duty engine systems.  Read more

new Scania boss is unveiled

New Scania Boss is Unveiled

This week has seen changes at the top for another truck maker, as a new Scania boss is unveiled, with Christian Levin being announced as the new CEO of the Swedish truck manufacturer. The Scania Board has appointed Levin to the role from May 1, 2021. Read more

going the extra mile

Going the Extra Mile

Steve Gould, from B&D Crane Trucks in Adelaide will be rewarded in an online ceremony for going the extra mile after UD Trucks Australia announced the winner of the local competition of the 2020 Extra Mile Challenge.

Read more

untapped potential in the Iveco product

Untapped Potential in the Iveco Product

There is a lot of untapped potential in the Iveco product, which new Iveco Managing Director, Michael May, can begin to work on exploiting. He says the company’s inventive and entrepreneurial philosophies were an attractive proposition for Michael to get involved. Read more