seven things we learnt this week

Seven Things We Learnt This Week

A new Smart OBM provider, industry reform, owner driver rule changes, TR Group acquisition, Scania electric deal and Meritor buy Siemens are seven things we learnt this week.  Read more

driving down the safety highway

Driving Down the Safety Highway

High levels of electronic safety systems are now becoming the normality in all new truck launches as we continue driving down the safety highway. Tim Giles drives the latest model to check out the state-of-the-art technology in the new Isuzu N Series range. Read more

weighing up the alternatives

Weighing Up The Alternatives

Running an efficient bulk transport operation can be a tricky job, there is a need to work on weighing up the alternatives, to get the right balance of efficiency, profitability and compliance. Read more

Cummins and Isuzu medium duty collaboration

Cummins and Isuzu Medium Duty Collaboration

Between now and 2030 Cummins expects to get to the point where it will build scale in new technologies as the economy builds renewable grid infrastructure and the Cummins and Isuzu medium duty collaboration will be part of this process.

Read more

first photos of the K220 interior

First Photos of the K220 Interior

As with any truck launch, which the whole of the trucking industry is hanging out for, early peeps at what the truck looks like is always welcome, hence here are the first photos of the K220 interior, published on Facebook. Read more

the gold bulldog on the bonnet

The Gold Bulldog on the Bonnet

This truck on test is set up exactly as a Mack enthusiast would want it, with the gold bulldog on the bonnet (in this instance, replaced with a black dog to go with the paint job) and this denotes the full Mack proprietary driveline.  Read more

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