new bid to buy Navistar

New Bid to Buy Navistar

The International Trucks brand may become an integral part of a global truck manufacturing group, after Traton launched a new bid to buy Navistar, offering US$35 a share, to value the Chicago-based truck maker at US$3.5 billion. Read more

2020 start with low expectations

2020 Start With Low Expectations

Fears that the Australian economy is not moving ahead, as it should, sees truck sale figures in 2020 start with low expectations. The latest truck sales figures have just been released by the Truck Industry Council and show the year is going to be starting off from a low base.  Read more

taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards

Taking the Isuzu Range Onwards and Upwards

After 30 years as number one supplier of trucks in Australia, Isuzu know a thing or two about developing and selling trucks and the latest launch is taking the Isuzu range onwards and upwards. The company’s offering keeps on changing and moving forward, never resting on its laurels, Diesel News checks out the latest batch of newbies. Read more

an explosion of interest in electric vehicles

An Explosion of Interest in Electric Vehicles

All across the trucking industry in the United States observers are currently seeing an explosion of interest in electric vehicles. Diesel’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, tells us the latest announcements are topped by Amazon’s decision to purchase 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans for last-mile operations. The most remarkable thing about this amazing order is that the vans currently do not even exist. Read more

Cascadia is finally here

Cascadia is Finally Here

The original classic Cascadia came out in the US back in 2007, but now the Cascadia is finally here, the truck has made its way to Australia, seeking to shake up the conventional truck market. Read more

Hyundai’s hydrogen hopes

Hyundai’s Hydrogen Hopes

Hyundai has never sold trucks in Europe before, but in 2020 that changes and this year Hyundai’s hydrogen hopes will see it put its first 50 trucks on the road in Switzerland. Hyundai also has ambitious plans to take the total number in that country to 1,600 within the next five years, Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers investigates.  Read more

the ongoing war between caravans and trucks

The Ongoing War Between Caravans and Trucks

There is a smidgen of hope in the ongoing war between caravans and trucks, a sliver of light that there may be some initiative to improve the situation and make life for the fatigued truck driver just a little easier.

Read more

new eight litre Quon package

New Eight Litre Quon Package

The level of sophistication included in the new eight litre Quon package puts it ahead of the Japanese pack in this segment of the market. The new truck sees the Volvo Group, taking the elements from UD with have seen the brand sell well in the 6 x 2 rigid segment, at the lighter end of the heavy duty market. We have seen UD prime movers transformed, and now we are seeing the rigid heavy duty market similarly changed. Read more

drivetrain punching above its weight.

Drivetrain Punching Above its Weight

Fitted in the latest Hino 500 Series standard cab models, the A05C engine is part of a drivetrain punching above its weight. With a swept volume of 5,123 cubic centimetres, around the same cubic capacity as the average Ford and Holden V8 car engines of the ‘80s and ‘90s, it has been deliberately over-engineered to enable an extended service life under arduous operating conditions.  Read more