the new Volvo’s inside story

The New Volvo’s Inside Story

Anyone feeling slightly underwhelmed by the external changes to the new Volvo FH, launched virtually earlier this year and witnessed by Diesel News European Correspondent, Will Shiers, should be slightly happier with the new Volvo’s inside story. The Swedish truck maker hasn’t gone overboard, but it is a considerable improvement over its predecessor. Read more

Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck

Hino Release the New 300 Series Light Duty Truck

This week new levels of features and performance have been reached at the lower end of the weight range as Hino release the new 300 Series Light duty truck. The new range features something Hino are calling SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the life of drivers, passengers and other road users. Read more

DAF get with the program

DAF Get With The Program

The Australian truck industry has been waiting some time for the point at which DAF get with the program. Diesel has driven the new flagship model, around SE Queensland,  pulling a B-double to find the new DAF range really is right up to date. Read more

coronavirus crackdown confusion

Coronavirus Crackdown Confusion (UPDATED)

Truck drivers crossing the border from Victoria into New South Wales are suffering from some coronavirus crackdown confusion (UPDATED) according to the Transport Workers’ Union. The union is demanding answers from the NSW Government as truck drivers are being issued with 14-day isolation notices as they plan to cross the border from Victoria into NSW. Read more

the new cab shape is instantly recognisable

The New Cab Shape is Instantly Recognisable

When you see the new CF and XF model range from DAF, the new cab shape is instantly recognisable. The much more rounded profile is clearly much more slippery in the wind than its predecessor. Overall, the aerodynamics are much improved and a new sun visor design has further enhanced air flow. Read more

new face-lifted FH and FH16

New Face-lifted FH and FH16

The world’s trucking press was forced to tune in to a live on-line broadcast to take a look at the new face-lifted FH and FH16 at its global launch. Fortunately, Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, witnessed Volvo launching four new trucks, as a live online broadcast, interacting with the event from his office computer. Read more

introducing a step-change in DAF

Introducing a Step-Change in DAF

Paccar in Australia is clearly introducing a step-change in DAF Trucks on offer with this new range, it is talking about at least a 10 per cent improvement in fuel economy, a big call from a normally conservative organisation. Many of the major changes are going to give the brand a much better fuel consumption and the ability to compete on this score with other European brands who have seen considerable growth in market share on the back of much improved fuel figures. Read more