UD comes to the eight legger party

UD Comes to the Eight Legger Party

It has been a long time coming, but another Japanese truck maker, UD comes to the eight legger party. This is a configuration which makes a lot of sense, but Australian Design Rules had limited its potential, until now. Read more

end of an era for International

End of an Era for International

Is it the end of an era for International, or, perhaps, the end of International trucks in Australia, full stop? An announcement from Iveco Trucks Australia has stated that the company has been advised by Navistar in the US, that it will cease global production of the ProStar range, effective in December this year. Read more

new power options from Scania

New Power Options From Scania

With the release of new 540 hp engines in Australia, plus a global launch of hybrid and fully electric trucks, there are a series of new power options from Scania. 

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getting the mix right

Getting the Mix Right

When European manufacturers work together with others, it seems they come to very similar conclusions about getting the mix right, especially when combining the best of Japan with the best of Europe. Diesel tests the new Fuso Shogun prime mover. Read more

heavy duty market share going to European cabover

Heavy Duty Market Share Going to European Cabover

The last few years have seen an increasing heavy duty market share going to European cabover prime movers. That means this is probably just the right time for the Paccar organisation to ensure it has a genuine contender in the part of the market which prefers European trucks. The traditional US dominance is waning and truck buyers are looking for fuel economy and high level safety equipment on board.  Read more

How to craft a B2B marketing strategy for 2021: A guide on getting the most value for marketing dollars

Many B2B companies are now considering how to invest their marketing budgets for 2021. With so much up in the air, companies need to make the most out of every dollar to stay ahead in an uncertain climate.

To support marketers in their efforts, Prime Creative Media undertook a survey in May 2020 asking 2221 Business Leaders across multiple B2B industries about their most trusted sources of industry media, as well as what had the greatest influence on their buying decisions.

This complimentary resource offers guidance on how to use these insights to guide marketing investment decisions in 2021. Simply fill in your details to download this resource.

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Kenworth fighting back

Kenworth Fighting Back

With the release of the latest Australian truck sales figures by the Truck Industry Council, the heavy duty truck market results show Kenworth fighting back after losing number one status to Volvo earlier in 2020.

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only one transmission offered on the new UD Croner

Only One Transmission Offered on the New UD Croner

The release of the latest UD shows just how much times have changed, there is only one transmission offered on the new UD Croner. In the past, a truck like this would be offered to market with a basic manual gearbox, and then, perhaps, a gearbox with more speeds or even an auto might be offered as an added option. Read more

fighting over a trolley full of toilet rolls

Fighting Over a Trolley Full of Toilet Rolls

As the first UK COVID-19 deaths were reported, so panic buying ensued, so that video of the two Australian women fighting over a trolley full of toilet rolls was replicated all over the UK, and within days the supermarket shelves were stripped bare of anything you could eat or wipe your posterior with, reports Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. 

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