photos from the front line in January

Photos from the Front Line in January

Here are a selection of photos from the front line in January, images from trucking Instagrammers, who are out and about and taking photos of the industry we all love. There’s some old and some new and also high quality photography and lucky snapshots. Read more

the trucking world on Instagram

The Trucking World on Instagram

Here’s another selection of images from the trucking world on Instagram. We start off with a rather large bulldog looking got wrong direction. No idea why the bulldog is on there and where it is going. It is not a golden bulldog only a silver one, which would suggest this truck does not have a 100 per cent Mack driveline.

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photos from around Australia

Photos from Around Australia

Every week Diesel News likes to feature photos from around Australia of the trucking industry showing up on Instagram. Here’s this weeks pictures, with a positive image, a skills show-off, a classic conventional and a short B-double.

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Best Pictures of the Week

We bring you the best pictures of the week on Instagram, from around Australia. We start out West in the Pilbara, there’s look a nice looking Bulldog from Port Kembla, checking out a mine road before pulling the trailers into trouble, delivering to Bunnings and carting cattle in an AB-triple.

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Around Australian Trucking With Instagram

Around Australian Trucking With Instagram

This week we are heading around Australian trucking with Instagram and finding a well equiped Acco, a beautiful sunrise and a truckie wedding arrest.

Underneath, it’s an Acco! Looking Good!


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Here’s a great sunset/sunrise shot:

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We’re not quite sure what’s going on here:

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Top Trucking Instagrammers

Top Trucking Instagrammers

Top trucking Instagrammers get some great shots of their trucks and share them with the world each week.

The first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset are known as the ‘Golden Hour’ by photographers. This truck really pops in the low sunlight as sunset approaches:

Parking the truck on a wet yard always gives you great reflections in the image:

Another ‘Golden Hour’ shot with the low sun adding to the richness of the shot:

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The Trucking World on Instagram

The Trucking World on Instagram

This week we take a tour around the trucking world on Instagram with road trains in the Territory, hay on the move and a truck only a mother could love.

Unloading a double road train in Mataranka:

Loaded up with with a bit of hay, but not too much:

Bitta hay on a Friday

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The Trucking World on Instagram


Ever since its introduction, I have never been too sure about the aesthetics of the design of the current Renault range:

Renault Trucks T Breuer Transporte GmbH

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Great Truck Shots on Instagram

Great Truck Shots on Instagram

There are plenty of great truck shots on Instagram, truckies getting to the heart of what trucking’s all about. Here’s a selection with a sunrise shot, a storm is coming and it’s beer o’clock.

On this shot, don’t look at the sunrise, look at the shine on the tanks:

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Getting the truck out and home before the storm hits:

The cattle are unloaded, the trailers have been washed out, now it’s time to get a beer:

Welcome Back to the Trucking Twitterverse

The Instagram View of Road Conditions in Australia

This week’s look at the Instagram view of road conditions in Australia sees varied experiences for truck drivers around the country, followed by a stunning sunset.

It’s been dry on some of our highways:

Flashback to #harvest17 #roadtrain #wheatharvest

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And it’s been very wet on plenty of other highways:

That will do Huey!! #qldrains #allfiredup #newcastleboundtoday

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The Instagram View of Road Conditions in Australia

Here’s an atmospheric shot of an AAB quad: