stirring up a hornet’s nest

A Big Personality Awarded

The presentation of the Personality of the Year Award at the 2020 Australian Freight Industry Awards saw a big personality awarded for all of the achievements of a long career in the transport industry. The AFIA event was a 90-minute virtual awards presentation broadcast from The Pullman hotel in Melbourne.
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training young people for the transport industry

Training Young People for the Transport Industry

There has been some good news about training young people for the transport industry in the past week. Unfortunately, it is government help to train them for the rail industry and not for road transport which is also crying out for new blood in the workforce.
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getting driver training right

Getting Driver Training Right

Truck drivers arrive in the workplace with a truck driving license, but have they been properly trained, how important is getting driver training right? Diesel News talks to Peter Anderson, Victorian Transport Association CEO, about a new initiative to get proper training for people working in the trucking industry.
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Peace, Quiet and Low Emissions in the West

It would seem there is a growing likelihood of peace, quiet and low emissions in the west of Melbourne after an agreement between the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) to incentivise freight operators to upgrade to lower emissions trucks, as a condition for using curfewed roads in the area to the west of the Port of Melbourne for longer hours.
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Isuzu, Hartex, Caltex Telematics, Groeneveld and Transking at MEGATRANS2018

MEGA panel announced for MEGATRANS2018

At the mega panel announced for MEGATRANS2018, Victorian Minister for Ports, Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, will hold a briefing breakfast, hosted by the Victorian Transport Association, as the opening event for the MEGATRANS2018 event. Read More

The Meat in the Sandwich

The trucking industry is very much the meat in the sandwich, in the ongoing arguments about charges by the big stevedores. So called infrastructure charges are simply price gouging by the very small number of powerful national companies, who are running our ports, to maintain their margins at the expense of transport companies already running on much thinner margins. After the latest announcement this week, the Victorian Transport Association is urging its members to pass on the charges to their customers in order to make the end customer pay for the increased cost for the truckies at the sharp end. Easier said than done!
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