more intelligent mass monitoring systems available

More Intelligent Mass Monitoring Systems Available

With the announcement this week by Transport Certification Australia that  Airtec Corporation (Airtec) has obtained type-approval for a smart on-board mass (OBM) system, there are now more intelligent mass monitoring systems available to the trucking industry. Read more

opening up new productivity opportunities

Opening Up New Productivity Opportunities

New specifications for the kind of systems which could begin opening up new productivity opportunities have now been released. A key feature of this new data is that it separates core monitoring requirements from additional requirements reserved for applications for which the authorities still demand high levels of assurance. Read more

moving towards smarter compliance

Moving Towards Smarter Compliance

For a number of years Transport Certification Australia (TCA), which administers the IAP, has been moving towards smarter compliance trying to fill the middle ground between operators using prescriptive combinations with set mass limits and those spending large amounts on specifically designed trucks for particular tasks with expensive compliance assurance equipment. Read more

getting smart about mass

Getting Smart About Mass

New alternative solutions are now emerging, as the trucking industry and regulators start getting smart about mass. The issue around access and how trucking operators can confirm compliance with mass restrictions has always been a contentious one. Read more

type-approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass

Type-Approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass

The number of on-0board mass monitoring systems available to the industry has further increased after Transport Certification Australia has announced the type-approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass (OBM) system.

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new boss at TCA

New Boss at TCA

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced the appointment of Stuart Ballingall as its new Executive General Manager (EGM), the new boss at TCA commences in the role on May 6.

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independent agency ends

Independent Agency Ends

Life for the organisation as an independent agency ends when Transport Certification Australia (TCA) status is changed and it is folded in with Austroads. This will be a logical step as Austroads is the umbrella organisation of road transport and traffic agencies in Australia and New Zealand, is based in Sydney and funded by the federal Australian government.

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truck rest area data available

Rest Area Data Needed

One of the issues highlighted during the fatigueHack at the Truck Australia 2018 conference was there was much more rest area data needed. Operators and drivers should have access to knowledge about where the rest areas are on our highways and it should be freely accessible.

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Accreditation Review, EWDs, OBM and Wage Levels

In Diesel News this week, read about the NHVR Accreditation Review, EWDs, OBM and Wage Levels.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has commissioned an independent review into heavy-vehicle accreditation schemes to support improved road safety.

“Heavy-vehicle accreditation schemes have proven benefits for road safety across a number of heavy-vehicle sectors, including trucks, cranes and buses,” said Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO. “The national roadworthiness survey released earlier this year showed major non-conformities for vehicles in accreditation schemes dropped from 13 per cent to nine per cent. Read more