moving away from the IAP

It Will Be Moving Away from the IAP

As the inclusion of Smart OBM works its way through, Queensland , it will be moving away from the IAP (Intelligent Access Program) over the next 18 months in a transition period. During this period, Class 2 vehicles, that is, B-doubles, A-doubles, B-triples, AB-triples and rigids with two dog trailers, will need to move across to Telematics Monitoring Applications (TMAs).
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rational progress on OBM

Rational Progress on OBM

It has been a long wait for the trucking industry, especially in rural areas, to get to a point where we can see daylight on the horizon, in the form of rational progress on OBM (onboard mass). Up until now, the fragmented state-by-state and sector-by-sector differences have caused many to put on board mass systems into the ‘too hard’ basket.
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a way to communicate the data over the mobile phone network

A Way of Sending the Data Over the Mobile Phone Network

For a transport operator wanting to make use of the Smart OBM rules to get permission to run a heavier or longer combination on a particular route, the Smart OBM system, which is relatively straightforward to fit on the truck, needs a way of sending the data over the mobile phone network to the Transport Certification Agency servers monitoring the truck. Read More
looking for clarity over access

Looking for Clarity Over Access

Talk to operators trying to run higher productivity vehicles just about anywhere in Australia and you will be told that they are looking for clarity over access and are unsure what can and cannot be done.

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more intelligent mass monitoring systems available

More Intelligent Mass Monitoring Systems Available

With the announcement this week by Transport Certification Australia that  Airtec Corporation (Airtec) has obtained type-approval for a smart on-board mass (OBM) system, there are now more intelligent mass monitoring systems available to the trucking industry.
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opening up new productivity opportunities

Opening Up New Productivity Opportunities

New specifications for the kind of systems which could begin opening up new productivity opportunities have now been released. A key feature of this new data is that it separates core monitoring requirements from additional requirements reserved for applications for which the authorities still demand high levels of assurance.
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moving towards smarter compliance

Moving Towards Smarter Compliance

For a number of years Transport Certification Australia (TCA), which administers the IAP, has been moving towards smarter compliance trying to fill the middle ground between operators using prescriptive combinations with set mass limits and those spending large amounts on specifically designed trucks for particular tasks with expensive compliance assurance equipment.
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getting smart about mass

Getting Smart About Mass

New alternative solutions are now emerging, as the trucking industry and regulators start getting smart about mass. The issue around access and how trucking operators can confirm compliance with mass restrictions has always been a contentious one.
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