lockdowns and limited social interaction

Lockdowns and Limited Social Interaction

In a period of stop/start lockdowns and limited social interaction, rural Queensland, which has remained relatively Covid-free, finally hosted the twice delayed annual conference of the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland in Roma. Read more

building a farming and trucking business

Building a Farming and Trucking Business

Founded by Stuart Schifferle around 25 years ago, Schifferle Freight Services, formerly known as Berrigan Hay Logistics, is building a farming and trucking business based in country New South Wales. 

Read more

a fleet of mainly Kenworth trucks

A Fleet of Mainly Kenworth Trucks 

S & K Whitehead Earthmoving plays a pivotal role in keeping the farmlands, national parks and roads around Corryong in north eastern Victoria in order and runs a fleet of mainly Kenworth trucks including a T409 and a new T410SAR tipper are part of a formidable force that keeps the operation ticking over, day in and day out. Read more

a most picturesque and geographically diverse region

A Most Picturesque and Geographically Diverse Region

The Upper Murray town of Corryong is nestled in the heart of a most picturesque and geographically diverse region. Located in the far north eastern corner of Victoria near the pristine upper reaches of the mighty Murray, the town also resides in the foothills of the western escarpment of the NSW Alps. Read more

getting easier to get access these days

Getting Easier to Get Access These Days

“It seems to be getting easier to get access these days,” says Ken Beggs, who owns Beggs Bulk. “When I was trying to get into Victoria, they wanted an engineer’s swept path drawing, theoretical drawing, which doesn’t stand up in real life. I insisted with VicRoads that I would not get the drawings done, but I convinced them to let me do a road trial. Read more

Yarn in the Yard

Yarn in the Yard

An initiative by Frasers Livestock Transport shows the trucking industry in rural areas taking responsibility for the health and wellbeing of its team, so PowerTorque went along to the ‘Yarn in the Yard’ to say see how the initiative is bringing a broader understanding of the issues into Queensland’s rural areas. Read more

skilling up in livestock transport

Skilling Up in Livestock Transport

Livestock businesses operating in the Maranoa region will have the opportunity to help employees in skilling up in livestock transport and develop their cattle handling and transport skills over two free workshops with well-known cattle expert Tom Shephard. Read more

supporting rural trucking

Spider Wheels, Mechanical Suspension and Engines

Having the latest and greatest in trucking technology is not a high priority for Steven and Kate Thurston, who operate Thurston’s Transport in Walgett NSW and prefer the old school components like spider wheels, mechanical suspension and engines.  Read more

bulldog to the bone

Bulldog to the Bone

Asked about his penchant for Mack trucks, Steven Thurston, who, with his wife Kate operates Thurston’s Transport says the B-Model that his father bought second-hand in 1970, and that he has recently restored back to its original glory, probably had a fair bit to do with him being bulldog to the bone.  Read more

traditional values of trust, loyalty and reliability

Traditional Values of Trust, Loyalty and Reliability

Based at Walgett and serving the north west NSW farming community, Steven and Kate Thurston operate Thurston’s Transport on the traditional values of trust, loyalty and reliability. As Paul Matthei discovered, these same values correlate with the trucks they operate, all of which belong 100 per cent to the Bulldog brigade.  Read more